5 optimistic (but possible) statistical subplots for the Phoenix Suns season

at Valley of the Suns We are currently running statistical expectations for each current member of the Phoenix Suns roster. While based on realistic projections, they may not be as exciting as the optimistic prospects that have fans dreaming of an incredibly successful season.

While the following items are unlikely to materialize, even any one of them would bode well for the Suns season as a whole.

With the 2022-23 season fast approaching, here are five optimistic statistical subplots to follow as the Phoenix Suns season unfolds.

1. Deandre Ayton averages 23+ points per game

While that might seem like a significant jump of around six points per game, there’s a clear path for Ayton to get that kind of score. An aggressive mindset is key here – the 24-year-old is an incredibly efficient goalscorer but can improve with more trips to the free-throw line and the odd three-point attempt to keep the defense honest.

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2. Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges total more than 250 steals of the season together

Steals may not give a fair indication of a player’s defensive ability, but leaders in this category are typically considered to be some of the league’s elite defenders.

Including a pair of teammates makes this quite a niche statistic to follow. While 250+ combined steals is a stretch, perhaps a more realistic expectation would be Bridges and Paul as teammates for the most steals in the league.

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They had 217 combined last season, while Toronto Raptors pair Gary Trent Jr. and Fred Van Vleet led the league with 233 total.

Chris Paul and Mikal Bridges, Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

3. Devin Booker shoots 50/40/90

This should be a real goal for the Suns star this season. With more gunfights all around him and growing playmaking skills, Booker should continue to reduce the hard field goal attempts he once had to endure. The 25-year-old had splits of 47/38/87 last season.

4. Damion Lee shoots 50/40/90

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This may not seem as far-fetched as it first sounds. Role-playing alongside high-quality playmakers in the Suns’ backfield, Lee’s shot diet should be set with mostly open attempts (outside the garbage minutes). The 29-year-old had splits of 47/40/90 two seasons ago, demonstrating his chances of scoring the 50/40/90 club when things go well.

5. Cameron Johnson leads the league by three percentage points

That’s possibly the most realistic of the five prospects, given that Johnson finished fourth in that category last season (out of players who made at least 82 three-pointers). The 26-year-old averaged 42.5% last season, trailing Luke Kennard, Desmond Bane and Tyrese Maxey. A chance in the starting XI could make Johnson look even more open.

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