A Super Mario World US Localization Prototype Is Available To Play

It’s a blast from the past, available for the first time!

A prototype for the US localized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System launch title Super Mario World is available to play courtesy of video game security website Forest of Illusion. As first reported by My Nintendo News, a previously unreleased version of the 1990 action-platformer became available to the public via the site on December 24.

According to information provided on the Forest of Illusion website, this prototype development was 10 months ahead of Supermarine World’s official North American release date, which was October 25, 1990. The game first hit store shelves in Nintendo’s home country of Japan on November 21st. , 1990.

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The website notes that “there are some notable differences in the game’s dialogue and graphics, with some additional bug fixes.” Some of the changes are more subtle, such as a different style for the lettering on the sign in front of Yoshi’s house and a text box that’s generally slimmer than the version that hit store shelves, while others are more like experimental stages. Accessible via Star Road and Mario doesn’t die once the timer runs out.

Two prototype scenes from Super Mario World

Tying the game to another classic SNES title, the prototype build matches the font graphics included in the initial version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Additionally, the Forest of Illusion site states that the demonic antagonists Boo Patties and Big Boo have the nicknames Boo Diddley and Boo Jackson, respectively.

“Because the localization is exemplary, there are many debugging options, making going through the game a breeze!” The description says. “You’ll immediately notice that Mario can walk to any point on the map without completing the previous stage.”

Additionally, if you want to finish a stage without completing it, you can press both the Select and Start buttons at the same time. Holding down Select will cycle through Mario’s various power-up levels, and while in Cap Mode, pressing a different button allows Mario to fly without limits or move anywhere on the screen. Finally, there are options to replay or skip different scenes.

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