Ain’t That Swell Presents: The Inaugural Swellness Summit

You could probably use a few days without your phone, right?

So could we.

What better way to spend a weekend than – in real life – meeting up with fellow surfers and surfing icons from across Australia to chat about surfing, health and sustainable living?

Seems pretty worthwhile to us.

From October 21st to 23rd our good friends at Ain’t That Swell are hosting their first ever Swellness Camp and some big names are on the agenda. Tom Carroll, Nathan Hedge, Brad Gerlach, Laura Enever, Asher Pacey, etc. We could try to explain, but Smivvy probably does it best:

Ain’t That Swell’s inaugural Swellness Camp will bring together some of the biggest names in the surfing community to share their techniques on living, loving, surfing and surviving. With everything at our disposal, we aim to provide guests with the ultimate guide to wellbeing and send an army of DIY healers back to their respective communities, armed with the latest tools to survive and thrive in a complicated world. Complimentary tickets are also given to select financially disadvantaged and/or fortunate individuals under our Golden Ticket program to ensure the right people get the help they need. This is The Swellian – Jed and Vaughan – attempting to give back to the community they have supported thus far and to make a resoundingly positive impression in the minds and bodies of all who have been kind enough to journey with them to go.

Through podcasts, the internet, and the convergence of science with ancient healing techniques, humanity has entered a golden age of self-help and biohacking. We will pack it all neatly and deliver it to our guests. For three days, Swellness guests will literally live and breathe good physical and mental health before returning to their respective surfing communities and continuing to spread the word and, more importantly, good deeds.

Each morning begins with a round of Wim Hoff breathing and ice baths, followed by group meditation led by two-time world champion Tom Carroll. From there, Bra Boy, big wave maniac and ex-UFC fighter, Richie Vaculik will put us through a brutal workout, followed by breakfast and free time for our guests to indulge in our movie or meditation room, or the lush To explore Coast of Crescent head for waves. Seminars, films and bands are on the program in the afternoon.

In the Swellness seminars, figures such as two-time world champion Tom Carroll will discuss the science of meditation and the wisdom he has acquired throughout his distinguished career. California surf icon Brad Gerlach will discuss the ups and downs of his time on and off tour, including a period of depression, while also guiding us through the intricacies of his innovative Wave Ki program.

Australian Surfing Hall of Fame Jodie Cooper and Skitz Slab Queen Laura Enever will talk to us about their brand of stoic resilience and how to survive and thrive in a challenging world.

Reversed": Laura Enever steps up her game
Skitz is an understatement. Photo: undone

Former World Tour icons Dean Morrison and Nathan Hedge will join Tom Carroll in attending seminars covering everything from drugs, depression, addiction, meditation, toxic masculinity and the road to recovery.

A representative from the Veteran Surfers Association will present a seminar on surviving PTSD and how surfing has enriched the lives of ex-servicemen. We will have a plant medicine expert to bring us up to date with the latest science on Mother Nature’s effectiveness to heal and help us thrive.

Underground surfing icons Jarrah Tutton, Asher Pacey and Josh Ku will guide us through the art of hunting, gathering and permaculture while also cooking up a fresh catch over the fire (deer and various species of fish, we’re told). .

Sunday features a live podcast, film screenings, bands, ceremonial Swellness Torch lighting and many more feel-good shenanigans.


Tickets on sale now here.

Seems Asher knows a thing or two about hunting and gathering. Photo: Cerulean

Meditation with Tom Carroll, technique with Brad Gerlach, food collected and prepared by Asher and some seminars by Hedgy and Dingo?

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Sounds like child’s play to us.

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