Amazon has reduced the toothache-curing Gya Labs clove essential oil with 114,000 five star reviews

dental problems? Shoppers Say Clove Essential Oil Works BETTER Than Painkillers at Curing Toothache (And It’s On Sale To $7.89 So You Can Stock Up)

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If you’ve ever suffered from a toothache, you know that the excruciating pain can come on suddenly at any time of the day or night.

But you may not know that until you can reach a dentist, the best way to alleviate it is with clove bud oil.

Oftentimes, painkillers for a toothache barely touch the sides, but a dab of clove oil on a cotton swab can treat the pain directly, and a bottle of Gya Labs pure clove bud oil is currently only $7.89, a $5 off of it is the original $12.99 listing.

Painkillers don’t always work for a toothache because the pain is so deep. However, this clove bud oil can be applied directly to infected teeth with a cotton swab to stop pain and reduce inflammation.

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More than 114,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a full five-star rating for stopping toothache, even when no other products have worked.

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It has already successfully relieved pain for hundreds of thousands of Amazon shoppers, with 114,000 five-star reviews and gushing testimonials of how clove oil worked where other products couldn’t.

A must have in any medicine cabinet as you never know when a toothache will strike, the clove bud oil works instantly to heal an infected area and just one application can leave the user pain free for 24 hours.

One impressed Amazon shopper shared, “I was hesitant to try this because how is a smelly oil supposed to relieve my severe pain?” But I read the other reviews and got to the point where I was desperate. Just one use and I had my first completely pain free day in weeks. It gave me 24 hours of relief!’

The science behind how it works is that pure clove oil, guaranteed by Gya Labs, can penetrate biofilms that cause bacteria in the mouth that cause toothache. Instead of just relieving pain like painkillers, it can work on the direct cause of the pain.

Not only that, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties to help calm mouth swelling and relieve pain.

Buyers who have tried Gya Labs Clove Bud Oil are always amazed at how well it works where traditional pain relievers fail.

Another Amazon reviewer stated, “This works AMAZING. My mother had terrible pain in her mouth from a nerve that was severed during a procedure years ago and sometimes the pain is so bad she will cry all night. She took a cotton swab of clove oil and within seconds her mouth went numb and the pain was gone before she could remove the swab.”

A third shared: “This is the answer to my prayers. I have had constant gum/tongue pain on the left side of my mouth for four years and have tried everything. That’s the only thing that gives me relief.’

If you don’t need it immediately for a toothache, it can also be used in all essential oil room diffusers to create a rich, spicy scent.

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