At 50, Sofía Vergara Looks So Toned While Working Out Glutes in All-Red Outfit

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Actress Sofía Vergara never misses a glute day. The 50-year-old actress often posts Instagram videos showing her intense workouts—thanks to us, she likes to share the moves she uses to achieve her great physique. Over the weekend, Vergara updated fans on her current booty-building workout—and we’re sweating just looking at it. At Modern Family star shows three go-to moves, all while slaying in a head-to-toe red workout set.

In the Instagram video, which he captioned “Monday torture,” the Modern Family star shares three moves she performs to build her glute strength. While jamming to Bad Bunny’s Tití Me Preguntó, he begins with banded glute kickbacks. While on the bench with two hands firmly planted, one knee in the middle, and her other leg kicked back straight behind her she began to move. With a resistance band around her thighs to add resistance, she lifted her full leg up and down, using her glutes.

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then, Vergara do banded side leg raises while on the blue yoga mat on the floor. He was sitting on his side with his head raised and resting on his lower arm. The lower leg is bent at a 90-degree angle and the upper leg is straight out. With the same resistance band over her thighs, she lifted her upper leg fully up and down to work the outer glute muscles.

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Finally, the chef star performs another variation of glute kickbacks while in downward dog position with both hands and feet on the ground and hips lifted up. Leaving one foot firmly on the floor, he lifted the other leg up and down to better target the glute muscles, this time without the band.

Famous friends cheered the star from the comments section. Paris Hilton added a heart eye emoji, while personal trainer Gunnar Peterson added some side eye and black heart emojis, and Colombian model and actress Shirly Gómez commented, “Regiaaa” (a Spanish slang term for good looking) fire and heart emoji. Comments from followers and fans included lots of fire, heart eyes, hearts, muscles, and peach emojis to show their support.

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The stunning red set showcases the vibrant color of rhubarb high-waisted studio leggings and that suits long sleeves top pullover capital performance. He tied the top at the waist and rolled up his sleeves to ask for work. Based on the tag on her Instagram post, the piece is from her Sofia Active by Sofia Vergara line at Walmart. She also wore platform-style black and white sneakers.

We’re looking forward to more workout inspiration from the star. In the meantime, if you want some low-intensity strength moves, check out Denise Austin’s lunge workout for women over 50.

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