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EDUCATION COMMITTEE Willmar Public Schools – ISD 347 Willmar, MN 56201 Minutes of Regular School Committee Meeting on August 8, 2022 The regular committee meeting was called by Chairman Justin Bos at 4:30 p.m. Members Present: Mary Amon, Jay Lawton, Tammy Barnes, Mike Reynolds, Scott Thaden, Justin Bos Members Absent: Randy Frederickson Motion by Jay Lawton, supported by Tammy Barnes, for approval of the agenda. movement carried. Motion by Mary Amon, supported by Tammy Barnes, to approve the Consent Agenda. movement carried. CONSENT AGENDA Minutes of the regular board meeting held on July 11, 2022. Payment of bills and remittances for the period ended August 31, 2022; total $5,574,587.46. Appointments: Mireya Alvarez, Paraprofessional Early Childhood Special Education, Roosevelt (22nd-23rd year) New Position Edward Amador, Elementary School Teacher, Kennedy (22nd-23rd year) Replacement for Almera Jane Amindato, Elementary School Teacher, Kennedy ( 22nd-23rd year) Substitute Katherine Giliz Cusa, Elementary School Teacher, Roosevelt (22nd-23rd year) Substitute Sarah Dumke, Special Education Teacher, Prairie Lakes School (22nd-23rd year) Substitute Missy May Flores , elementary school teacher, Roosevelt (22nd-23rd year) surrogate Rosemari Giese, special education teacher, Kennedy (22nd-23rd year) surrogate Adam Gregory, administrator, Area Learning Center (7/28/22) surrogate Kristi Glup, speech therapist, District (approx. 2 days per week) (Year 22-23) Substitute (Vacancy 21-22) Vivica Gomez, Paraprofessional Early Childhood, Roosevelt (Year 22-23) Substitute Kaitlyn Kollman, Special Education Teacher, Middle School (Years 22-23) Replacing Melissa Mulder, Special Education Teacher (Years 22-23) New e Position Michelle Oestreich, Special Education Teacher, Kennedy (22-23 students) yrs) surrogate Ellen Peterson, special education teacher, Lakeland (ages 22-23) surrogate Jennifer Romero-Ponce, special education teacher, paraprofessional, Lakeland (ages 22-23) surrogate Brenda Sather, food service assistant, Lakeland (ages 22-23) Replacement Michaela Jackson Williamson, early childhood educator, Jefferson Learning Center (age 22-23) New position John Vickrey, special education instructor, middle school (year 22-23) Replacement terminations: Shannon Anderson, librarian, middle school (7/31) 22) Kenna Bannister, Special Education Specialist, Lakeland (8/11) 22) Loida Espinoza, Cultural Liaison, High School (08/08/22) Charles Farhat, Paraprofessional Special Education Valerie Giinthir, Paraprofessional Special Education, Roosevelt (07/18/22) Fatima Kadir, Cultural Liaison , District (7/19/22) Ben Kaiser, Building and Property Supervisor (7/28/22) Susan Kaufman, Interventionist, Lakeland (7/7/22) Carlie Klein, Special Education Teacher, Lakeland (7/21/22)Mirian Millan Soriano, Paraprofessional Special Education, Kennedy (08/10/22) Hafsa Moalim, Paraprofessional Special Education, Jefferson Learning Center (07/19/22) Cathy Plucker, In School Suspension Supervisor, Middle School (07/20/22) Deb Reed, Cardinal Square (08/24/22) Otila Sanchez, Paraprofessional Special Education, Kennedy (08/01/22) Sandra Sandry, Janitor, Jefferson/WEAC (07/22/22) Andrea Swanberg, Social Studies Instructor, Senior High (07/26/22) Vickie Thompson, Paraprofessional Special Education, Middle School (08/02/22 22) Megan Whelchel, Special Education Instructor, Jefferson Learning Center (07/08/22) Transfers: Hipolito Jasso, Second Shift Janitor, Senior High to District Route Driver (08/01/22) Replacement for Kami King, First Shift Custodian, Roosevelt to WEAC /Jefferson Custodian (08/01/22) Replace ment Troy Schoolmeester, District Route Driver to District Maintenance Technician, (8/1/22) Replacement Grant in-law from STEM Science Middle School to Math Instructor, Middle School (22-23 Schl Yr) Replacement Scott Thompson, Buildings and Grounds, Senior High an 1st Shift Custodian, Lakeland (7/18/22) Replacement Leave: Kelly Frank, English Language Teacher, Senior High Adjust Leave an (8/23/22-1/23/23) Kari Hedman, special education teacher, senior high (c. 10/31/22-1/2/23) Mike Orlowski, Janitor, Roosevelt (7/1/22-12/31/22) Unscheduled Resignations: Amy Morrell, Head Girls Tennis Coach (7/28/22) Retirements: Lyn Hallberg, Occupational Therapy Assistant, District (7/19 .22) Barbaree Liedman, Catering Assistant Roosevelt (08/10/22) REPORTS 1. Business and Finance – Ms. Haase updated the board over the summer on projects at Jefferson, Kennedy, Roosevelt and senior high. Ms. Haase reported that since the pandemic began in March 2020, meals have been free for all students, which has changed. However, students may qualify for free/discounted meals. 2. Human Resources – Ms. Windingstad reported that staffing throughout the district remains a priority. The number of positions remains at about 67 positions, but as the board agenda shows, resignations are coming in and offers are going out. Administrators continue to interview and select apprenticeship positions and will soon transition to interviewing and hiring for our non-certified positions. Ms. Windingstad reported that our international teachers continue to meet all requirements for their teaching positions, including submitting licensing documents to PELSB. We would also like to support them by providing their homes with necessary furniture and objects of daily life. Ms. Windingstad was pleased to report that all teacher retros have been completed and issued, as well as electronic notices for teachers on how to check their retro salaries. Finally, Ms. Windingstad reported that negotiations are planned with our bilingual paraprofessionals and special education paraprofessionals. We also have two groups, Administrators and Sign Language Interpreters, with preliminary agreements that have not yet been approved. 3. Teaching and Learning – Ms. Thomas gave an overview of the extended summer learning in July and August. The middle school students had the opportunity to meet and work with other students from our surrounding district. The focus was on mathematics, MINT and robotics. Our induction of new teachers will take place on August 23rd and 26th. We will have about 65 new teachers this year. Ms. Thomas reported that they continue to work on the implementation of Standard Based Learning. This year the focus is on teachers creating sets of competency scales for their courses. 4. Assistant Superintendent – Dr. Adams reported that he worked on our contingency plan with Aaron Pilarski, the building and grounds manager. They will visit the buildings to discuss the crisis response plan. dr Adams has also worked on marketing and branding for the district. 5th Superintendent – Dr. Holm reported that the SWWC portion of the proposed middle school extension was submitted due to difficulties in securing funding for that portion of the project. He also stated that the district is continuing its investigation into possible funding mechanisms to allow for the completion of the gymnasium and ALC classrooms. dr Holm also reported that the district is revising the safe return to learning plan and will continue to be no more or less restrictive than required by state and national regulations. We await some changes in the CDC guidance before finalizing the plan and sharing it with stakeholders. A link will be included in the notice and placed on the website to enable public comment to be offered. ACTION ITEMS 1. Adopt Resolution Accepting Gifts/Donations – Motion by Jay Lawton, supported by Scott Thaden, the donations from Community Giving ($2,000 – Guitar and Ukulele Club), Community Giving ($3,540 – 2021-22 private music lessons from MacPhail – Music Matters Fund), Heritage Bank ($150 – Rock the Block EC Party), Otto Bremer Foundation ($40,000 – Child Guide Program for the 3 elementary schools), 100 Yard Club ($8,625 – Football Hydration Station). Motion passed by a 6-0 roll-call vote. (A copy of the resolution is available from the District Office) 2. Food and Nutrition Services Employment Agreement 2022-2024 – Motion by Mary Amon, supported by Tammy Barnes, to approve the Food and Nutrition Services Employment Agreement 2022-2024 as submitted. Motion passed with 6-0 votes. DISCUSSION ITEMS Tax Relief Proposal – Sarah Swedburg, Kandiyohi Economic Development Commission First Reading of Revised Guidelines 204, 208, 210, 305, 402, 403, 416, 417, 418, 420, 427, 460, 510 PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS – None BOARD COMMITTEE REPORT Policy Committee Report – Meeting 25 July 2022 BREACH – Motion for adjournment by Mike Reynolds. The sitting adjourned at 17:22. (September 21, 2022) 102529

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