WISH survey shows more than three quarters of Brazil Healthcare workers admit COVID-19 has eroded their mental well-being

Doha, Qatar, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The decline in mental health and increased workplace abuse since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting the ability of healthcare professionals Brazil to ensure high-quality patient care, an international survey has shown.

78 percent of of Brazil Health practitioners felt their mental health had suffered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – much more than their U.S. counterparts (49 percent), Nigeria (57 percent), UK (59 percent), India (65 percent) and Saudi Arabia (70 percent). The study by YouGov, commissioned by the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), found that more than half (53 percent) agreed it has also had a negative impact on their ability to provide a high standard of care.

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In addition, the study found healthcare workers in Brazil (52 percent) are most likely to be affected by verbal or physical abuse in their roles since the onset of the ongoing pandemic – similar to their Saudi counterparts (52 percent) and unlike their counterparts in the US (40 percent) and the UK (43 percent). ).

In summary, when one reflects on the biggest changes in her work since the arrival of COVID-19, of Brazil Healthcare workers, like their U.S. counterparts (39%), also reported in a majority (39%) that their colleagues have been under more pressure than normal during the pandemic.

“Countries like Brazil Struggling with problems such as unemployment, social and economic inequality, among others, face an enormous challenge in ensuring the health and safety of their communities, especially during major health crises. Our findings underscore the urgent need for more nations, international organizations and global health activists to develop support programs specifically designed to nurture the mental well-being of health and care workers worldwide, which in turn will enable them to continue saving lives,” said Sultana Afdhal, Managing Director of WISH.

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The survey, which brought together healthcare professionals from the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Indiaand Brazilaimed to provide insights into the impact of dealing with COVID-19 on the lives of healthcare workers, highlighting their experiences and exploring what the future of healthcare could look like according to those on the front lines of healthcare.

WISH, a global health initiative by Qatar Foundation, is a global platform that brings together healthcare professionals, policymakers and innovators to unite to build a healthier world. The biennial WISH Summit 4th of October – 6 inches Doha, Qatar and virtual, aims to showcase WISH’s evidence-based research and discuss how these findings can be translated into practical, policy-driven solutions that help transform global healthcare.

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The sixth edition of the summit has the motto “Healing the Future”. The Summit will thoroughly examine the legacy of COVID-19 from multiple perspectives, including how we can build more resilient and sustainable health systems, improve our response to the mental health crisis facing health and care workers, and the rapid Advances in pharmaceutical innovation have taken place during the pandemic.

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