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Precious Idiake spoke to her patient in a soothing tone as she checked her vitals and provided insight into the process – all while a room full of people watched.

The fourth-year Brock Nursing student demonstrated how she and her colleagues interact with patient simulators in the new Clinical Nursing Simulation Laboratory during an opening ceremony on Thursday, September 22.

Located in Brock’s East Academic Building and modeled after a hospital unit, the laboratory provides students with a safe environment in which to gain valuable hands-on experience and further develop their skills and confidence while preparing for clinical internships in healthcare.

A group of eight people stood in a row while the man in the middle cut off a piece of gauze.  The group stands next to a patient simulator in a lab that looks and feels like a hospital room.

Brock faculty, staff and students held a gauze cutting ceremony for Brock’s new Nursing Clinical Simulation Lab on Thursday, September 22nd.

The new space will support the significant growth that the university’s nationally recognized nursing programs have recently experienced.

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“The Department of Nursing has almost tripled in size in the last two years,” says Department Chair Karyn Taplay. “The new lab will enhance our ability to deliver nursing education that is innovative, current and realistic of what students will encounter in clinical practice.”

That September, Brock welcomed 228 new Bachelor of Science nursing students — the largest cohort ever. In May, the university also welcomed its first students to the concurrent Bachelor of Nursing/Master of Nursing Accelerated Program, the first of its kind in Canada.

Nursing trainees will take part in life-like simulation training in the new laboratory facilities, preparing them to care for a variety of patients from birth to the end of life.

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“With its state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, this lab teaches students how to think, analyze, and respond appropriately and effectively to a variety of situations they will encounter in the real world,” says Peter Tiidus, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences . “We prepare our students to enter healthcare with confidence, to be agents of change and to be able to respond to challenging situations they will encounter along the way.”

A crowd, some seated, some standing, listens to a man standing at a podium.

Brian Power, Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic at Brock University, addresses the crowd at the opening of the new Nursing Clinical Simulation Lab.

Training future nurses remains a priority for Brock as it continues to help respond to the changing healthcare needs in Niagara and Ontario that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, said Brian Power, vice-provost and associate vice -President, Academic of the University.

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“Giving nursing students more opportunities to put theory into practice is a key building block in addressing Ontario’s nursing crisis and is helping to stabilize healthcare delivery in our communities,” he says. “The insights gained in this lab will directly help address the shortage of skilled nurses, keep emergency rooms and hospitals open, reduce wait times and improve the quality of care.”

With the new 1,700 square foot lab complementing two existing facilities, Brock now has a total of 4,500 square feet of dedicated nursing laboratory space on campus.

For more information on Brock’s Nursing programs, visit the Department of Nursing website.

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