California Governor Vetoes Effort To Boost Student Mental Health Care

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has advocated for mental health in schools, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. In this case, however, he cited high costs for vetoing more private insurance coverage. More news is coming in from Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana, Michigan and North Carolina.

San Francisco Chronicle: Gavin Newsom vetoes expansion of student mental health funding

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday vetoed a bill aimed at giving children with private insurance easier access to school mental health care, saying the program would cost too much. (Bollag, 9/19)

In other mental health news from Colorado and Massachusetts –

The Colorado Sun: Most Colorado counties don’t have a mental health team for 911 calls

More than half of Colorado counties lack a “co-responder” program, in which a psychiatrist comes to law enforcement on police calls, including Clear Creek County, where local officials shot a 22-year-old man while he was in his car sat . (Prentzel and Brown, 9/19)

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The Boston Globe: City offers training to help people experiencing emotional distress

Melrose has taken a new step to promote mental health in the community. This fall and winter, the city is offering free mental health first aid classes. Open to anyone over the age of 18 who lives or works in Melrose, the courses are designed to provide members of the community with the skills to better support friends, neighbors and loved ones who are experiencing emotional distress. (Laidler, 9/20)

In news from Montana, Michigan and North Carolina –

AP: Montana allows transgender people to alter birth certificates

After months of opposition, the Montana Health Department said Monday it will follow a judge’s ruling and temporarily allow transgender people to change the gender on their birth certificates. The judge issued a scathing order Monday morning, saying health officials had committed “calculated violations” of his order, which had asked them to temporarily halt enforcement of a law that bars transgender people from changing their gender on their birth certificates , unless they had undergone surgery. (Hans, September 19)

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Detroit Free Press: Detroit City Council is considering a new restaurant food safety law

The city council has debated and postponed votes several times on whether to ask restaurants to put up color-coded posters indicating their compliance status, similar to New York’s letter rating system, with some officials claiming the city is ready while others are lobbying against it. District 3 City Councilman Scott Benson led the proposed ordinance, which would not only require the secondment but also add at least two more inspectors in the Detroit Health Department. (Afanah, September 19)

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North Carolina Health News: A New Rural Family Medicine Residency Program

In rural areas, GPs often serve both as the foundation of the local health system and as a gateway to higher levels of specialized care. But not everyone has the same access to these providers. (Donnelly-DeRoven, 9/20)

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