Cant Get Govt Medical College? What Are Your Options? When to Drop a Year?

Out of 17,64,571 students who took the medical entrance exam – NEET – 9,93,069 students managed to pass it. While the number of students passing the exam is higher than in previous years, there are still over 7.71 thousand students who failed the exam. Additionally, not everyone among those who cleared it will be able to get a seat due to the intense competition for the best medical colleges.

But for those who couldn’t get the grades they wanted, all is not lost. The medical field is not just limited to MBBS, there are many courses that do not require NEET grades. Students can also opt for a BSc degree or look at an integrated degree with an MBA in the commercial field.

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Beyond MBBS

NEET offers admission to various UG courses other than MBBS, however some courses do not require NEET grades such as:

● BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery
● BVSc. (Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine)
● B.Sc. Courses (Agriculture, Radiography, Laboratory Engineering, Clinical Research, Biotechnology, Physiology, Microbiology, Life Sciences, Psychology, etc.)

Other popular stable career options:
● Food scientist (B.Tech Food Technology)
● Paramedical (DMLT Diploma in Medical Laboratory Engineering.
● Nutrition and Dietetics
● geneticist
● Pharmacy (B.Pharm)
● Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing)
● BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
● Diploma courses
● MBA (hospital and health management)
● Forensic Science and Criminology
● (Optometry & Nuclear Medicine)

Seep Pahuja, top NEET UG educator at Unacademy said, “If a student cannot achieve the desired NEET grades, it is recommended that the year be dropped. However, students who do not want to do a drop year can also look into opting for admission to overseas medical colleges if they are unable to enroll in private medical colleges in India. Alternatively, they can choose different courses based on their NEET grades. You could look at courses like – AYUSH courses, BAMS BHMS Unani Sidha Yogic Naturopathy, they offer places for comparatively less points than required for MBBS. Aspirants can also opt for veterinary and nursing courses.”

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Medical studies abroad

Pursuing MBBS in India has become more difficult, with limited places available and foreign institutions opening up affordable options, Indian students now have excellent opportunities to study on board. Countries like Ukraine, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Kazakhstan are the most common among Indian nationals to pursue their MBBS degree. Other students who previously did not go abroad for fear of the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) can certainly complete a study abroad after the NEET UG.

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Pahuja suggests that students need to be careful when choosing country and college under the new guidelines outlined in the 2021 NMC Gazette. Both Indians and students abroad must go through the same process of NExT (National Exit Test) to obtain a license to practice in India.

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