CEO of Wonder Spray: Healthy Aging Month is a Time for Education

dr Burd’s Wonder Spray products help heal wounds and skin problems

September is Healthy Aging Month, promoting healthy ways to grow old gracefully.

“As a health and wellness company, we want seniors to use every resource available to help them live healthier lives,” said John Burd, CEO of Wonder Spray LLC, a health and wellness company in San Diego. “If you haven’t seen your GP lately, now is the time to make an appointment.

“Check any medical conditions you may have and make sure your medications are up to date,” Burd added. “You should see your doctor regularly because the sooner a problem is identified, the better off you will be.”

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Although humans cannot prevent all health problems, Dr. Burd proposes some tips for a healthy life:

  • exercise
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Go out and be with the people
  • See all your doctors regularly

Burd said Original Wonder Spray and Skin Rescue help older people who have wounds and skin problems.

“As you age, wounds can take longer to heal,” Burd said. “Your body doesn’t repair skin as well as it did when you were younger.”

The key ingredient in Original Wonder Spray and Skin Rescue is Hypchlorous, a natural antimicrobial agent used by white blood cells to kill any pathogens.

“Original Wonder Spray and Skin Rescue are 100 percent natural,” Burd said. “They’re gentle on your skin, alcohol-free and safe for pets too. Babies through to seniors can use these products.”

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The doctor-approved Original Wonder Spray helps heal wounds by reducing the bacteria in and around a wound, while the dermatologist-approved Dr. Burd’s Skin Rescue is a refreshing, moisturizing and soothing facial spray that reduces redness, inflammation and skin irritation.

“Our products are a must in every medicine cabinet,” said Dr. burd.

To purchase the Original Wonder Spray or Skin Rescue, visit

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About dr Burd’s Wonder Spay

The flagship products of Dr. Burd’s Wonder Spray are Original Wonder Spay and Skin Rescue. The Original Wonder Spay can help fight infection, reduce inflammation and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal, and is highly effective against a wide range of ailments. dr Burd’s Skin Rescue is an all-natural spray that gently cleanses skin while calming inflammation, suppressing redness and minimizing irritation.

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