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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6 “Straighten Up and Fly Right.”]

Mick (Treat Williams) might be able to say the words “I’m an addict” now, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about him. Actually the latest Chesapeake shore Episode shows the complete opposite.

Mick and Megan (Barbara Niven) are doing their best with a long-distance relationship, and that means plans (like going on a date in Denver) don’t always work out (she’s ill and can’t fly). But as we can see, that can be a good thing, because he tells Abby (Meghan Ory) that he can always do virtual meetings (to make sure he’s going like he should every day for the first 90 days), but after a week, he still hasn’t found a sponsor. He thinks he can work on the steps on his own for a while, but Ralph (Donald Sales) points out that people who try to get through the program on their own have a name: addicts.

After Megan has to cancel, Abby is worried but Mick snaps at her. He turns to Luke (Stephen Huszar) and admits that everything makes him think. He asks Luke to be his sponsor, but the other man explains that he can’t because they are friends.

Treat Williams, Donald Sales in Chesapeake Shores

David Astorga/Hallmark Media

Then it becomes clear how much Mick needs a sponsor when speaking at an NA meeting. “Hi, my name is Mick and I’m an addict. I didn’t come that often, actually eight days. I woke up this morning thinking that I don’t belong here, that I’m only doing this for my family, that I don’t have a problem,” he says. “And then I got bad news, nothing major but enough to upset me. I went over to my son to help him set up a shelf and while I was in his bathroom I opened the medicine cabinet. I do not know why. Oh, what am I saying? I know why. My son recently had surgery and there is some leftover pain meds in there. I knew that. I took one out of the bottle and was very tempted to slip. So my question is: when does wanting stop? Never? Is it always with you?”

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After the meeting, Ralph joins him and shouts at him, which he didn’t say: “You were on the pill, weren’t you?” He did. “I do not know what happened. I just swallowed the pill. I didn’t even think about it. I have no control over it,” Mick tells him. But that’s the first step: admitting that he’s powerless over his addiction. “If that doesn’t describe a guy showing up at an NA meeting high up, then I don’t know what does,” says Mick. But Ralph explains, “You don’t have to be clean to come to a meeting. All you need is a desire to stop using.” Mick now knows he needs a sponsor. As Ralph puts it, he knows a guy and the two sit down to walk the steps.

Emilie Ullerup, Meghan Ory in Chesapeake Shores

David Astorga/Hallmark Media

Elsewhere for the O’Briens:

  • After the incident with the fortune teller, Bree (Emilie Ullerup) and Luke didn’t speak to each other. Though she tries to get Mick to give her a housewarming gift (Luke is moving in across the bridge), she brings it over herself. She explains that she didn’t not trust him, but that she was worried about messing things up and ended up doing just that. The good news: you’ll be back on track by the end of the call.
  • Bree finds out that an actress wants to own the rights to her book. She’s wary, especially since it could upset her family again, so Luke suggests she let everyone guide it first. When she does and asks her permission, everyone agrees…with some casting suggestions: Mick wants Harrison Ford to play him, Jess suggests Hilary Duff and Abby Kristen Stewart, Kevin (Brendan Penny) wants Chris Pratt or Chris Pine (Jessica Sipos’ Sarah interjects with Luke Wilson) and Connor (Andrew Francis) wonders if Dwayne Johnson would wear a wig.
  • Jess (Laci J. Mailey) focuses on the inn, with plans to expand by getting into the wine business, while David (Carlo Marks) is distracted by everything that’s happening with his father — especially when Dennis (Malcolm Stewart ) calls. Dennis claims he was tricked by someone on the inside, but David has a hard time believing him: “You stole my trust. You stole my trust fund.” Dennis insists he put it in a safe place. David tells Agent Malik (Laara Sadiq), who taps his phone. And if Dennis calls again, they’ll be able to locate him – which he expected. He wants to give himself up.
  • Margaret (Mariesa Crouse) walks by the bar and pretty quickly recruiters from law firms call in. Though she knows what she wants — picking her own clients, representing the little guy, building a business from scratch — Connor insists she meet up with at least one top DC company and have “an informal coffee and a chat.” “ urges. He doesn’t want to hold her back, he explains, or risk making her regret it. She leaves, but even though they made a good offer, she declined. She’s been in the big company before, Connor reminds her. What Margaret wants is to continue working with him (and he assures her he wants that too), but with one change: as an equity partner. His response: “Let me put it this way. Which sounds fairer: Keller & O’Brien or O’Brien & Keller?”
  • Sarah continues to keep her pregnancy a secret while Abby helps cover for Bree and Jess when they are offered wine at a spa. Abby assures her that Kevin didn’t tell her and she guessed. Sarah admits she doesn’t know how to feel and wonders how she can be happy when, like last time, there’s a risk of miscarriage. “When in doubt, choose joy,” Abby advises, and that’s exactly what Sarah does at the end of the episode, breaking the news to Bree and Jess.
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