Competition Bureau makes recommendations for empowering Canadian health care providers in the digital era

GATINEAUQC, Nov. 24, 2022 /CNW/ – In its latest market research report, the Competition Bureau offers recommendations on how to improve the way healthcare providers operate internally. Canada public health system.

Empowering healthcare providers in the digital age, the third and final report published as part of the Bureau’s digital healthcare market research. Extensive research has explored how pro-competitive policies can encourage innovation and bring greater choice and access to digital health care services to Canadians.

Research has found that digital health care is not being used to its full potential Canada. By 2021, only 14% of Canadians had visited their provider. Meanwhile more than 70% of physicians believe that virtual care improves patient access and enables both quality care and efficiency. (sources: Canada Health Infoway; Virtual Care Taskforce)

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The final report makes three recommendations to Canadian governments and policy makers so that health care providers can take advantage of competitive strengths:

  1. Review existing payment models for healthcare providers to support the appropriate use of digital healthcare.

  2. Implement licensing frameworks that allow providers, where appropriate, to practice across state and regional boundaries to improve digital health care delivery.

  3. Review and modernize policies to facilitate digital healthcare adoption.

Empowering health care providers to use available digital technologies will lead to lower costs, better health care services, and improved patient outcomes. It will also stimulate the creation and development of new products in the healthcare industry.

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While the pandemic is spurring advances in digital health care, governments across the board Canada it should ensure that laws and regulations change quickly to strengthen the health care system.


“Fostering competition in the digital future, Canada Public health care policy needs to be modernized. By facilitating greater adoption of digital health care solutions, Canadians can benefit from increased access to health care, lower costs, and better health outcomes. “

Matthew Boswell
Competition Commissioner

Fast facts

  • In its advocacy role, the Bureau identifies barriers to competition in various economic sectors, and makes recommendations to policymakers on how to reduce these barriers.

  • Market studies allow the Bureau to examine the industry from a competitive perspective to identify relevant laws, policies, regulations or other factors that may hinder competition.

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