Cotoneaster Dammeri Plant

Cotoneaster Dammeri Plant. White flowers in the spring are followed by bright red berries. Adaptable as to soil, sunlight, climate.

Cotoneaster simonsii Landscape Plants Oregon State
Cotoneaster simonsii Landscape Plants Oregon State from

6 m across (see also dickoré & kasperek 2010). Cotoneaster dammeri 'lowfast' common name: Cotoneaster dammeri is a low growing, spreading variety that makes a great groundcover.

It is native to mountain regions, cliff sides, open mixed forests and rocky ground in central to southern china.

Bright scarlet berries, good ground cover. Cotoneaster dammeri bearberry cotoneaster, native: Plants of the world bearberry cotoneaster c.

Mooncreeper bearberry cotoneaster (cotoneaster dammeri ‘mooncreeper’):

Coral beauty cotoneaster will grow to be about 12 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 5 feet. Berries | shrubs & trees | white flowers |. Cotoneaster dammeri (bearberry cotoneaster) is a vigorous, dense, evergreen shrub with trailing stems studded with small, leathery, glossy, rounded, dark green leaves.

This vigorous, wide spreading, evergreen cotoneaster is one of the best groundcover plants.

Grows in full sun or part shade. It tends to fill out right to the ground and therefore doesn't necessarily require facer plants in front. It lends an extremely fine and delicate texture to the landscape composition which should be used to full effect.

Small dark green leaves, tiny white flowers followed by red berries through autumn winter.

Leaves small, dark green and glossy. This provides the perfect backdrop for the small white flowers which will appear in early summer, these are later followed by bright red berries which will naturally attract wildlife into your garden. Cotoneaster dammeri 'lowfast' common name:

Dammeri is a vigorous, prostrate evergreen shrub spreading to 2m, with small, rounded veiny leaves and small white flowers in early summer, followed by bright red berries

A great plant to cascade over sleeper walls and rocks. More recently ‘coral beauty’ is considered a selection of the hybrid, cotoneaster x suecicus (cotoneaster dammeri x conspicuous). Effective in rock gardens and low banks for erosion control.

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