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Since 1993 we at YHHS have grown into one of the leading colleges for physical therapy education in Stockholm and Gothenburg. With us you will learn practical business knowledge, business administration and sales techniques so that you can later open your own salon.

What does body therapy training mean?

Body therapy is a collective term for all professional therapeutic treatments of the body. The body therapy training at YHHS comes in several varieties, such as skin therapist, masseuse and spa therapist. We offer both private courses and higher professional education that are CSN eligible.

Training as a skin therapist

Skin therapy is a body therapy training that gives you a broad knowledge of the skin on the body and face. In combination with skin therapy, you will also receive training in spa or massage therapy. The combination increases the chances of getting a job immediately after graduation. During the training you will acquire solid knowledge in a number of areas, such as:

  • anatomy and physiology. As a skin therapist, you need to know the surrounding factors that affect the skin, such as: B. diet, exercise and other routines.
  • Dermatology. With a good knowledge of dermatology (the study of the skin) and skin anomalies (vascular malformations), you will be able to understand, among other things, the effects of UV light on the skin and the responsibility of skin care.
  • skin care. As a skin therapist, you need a good knowledge of skin care. Different skin types, treatments, skin care products and makeup are some examples of areas that will be addressed during the course. You will also acquire practical knowledge for independently planning and carrying out treatments.
  • Personal hygiene. In addition to knowledge about sensitive facial skin, you will also receive training in body care. A skin therapist should have the necessary knowledge to perform treatments on the whole body.
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Training as a massage therapist

Massage therapy is a body therapist training course that gives you a good knowledge of the anatomy of the body and can help people with pain to have a functioning everyday life. During the training you will also become a skin therapist, which is an attractive combination on the job market. The skin and massage therapist training is offered in Stockholm and you will gain knowledge in several areas such as:

  • Anatomy. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the components of the skeleton, the attachments and functions of the muscles, and common injuries associated with the skeleton, muscles and joints. The content of the course meets the requirements needed to become a Swedish Massage Industry Council certified massage therapist.
  • hair removal. The training includes courses that provide you with the prerequisites for independently carrying out hair removal with different forms of wax as well as permanent hair removal methods such as electrical needle epilation.
  • wellness and stretching. You will gain knowledge about different types of spa treatments and stretching. Being able to eliminate muscle tension and limited mobility are important skills for a masseur.
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Training as a spa therapist

Spa Therapy is a body therapist training course that gives you a solid knowledge of spas and treatments and also includes skin therapy. The combination of bathing and skin therapy is in demand on the job market and offers you good conditions for getting a job right after your training. You can take a number of courses that will give you knowledge about, among other things:

  • Mani Pedi. You will acquire both anatomical and physiological knowledge of the hand and foot in order to be able to carry out massages and nail care independently.
  • Personal hygiene. After training, you can independently carry out treatments on the body, for example massages and cleansing. The course also includes knowledge of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
  • hair removal. You will learn about the anatomy of the hair and the physiological causes of unwanted hair growth. At the end of the training you will be able to implement various hair removal methods independently.

The training to become a skin and spa therapist is offered in both Stockholm and Gothenburg.


All physical therapist courses include courses in entrepreneurship. In addition, regardless of your education, you will complete a salon internship to gain knowledge of ethical and moral guidelines in the job market. You also have the opportunity to complete a CIDESCO degree after completing your training in order to be able to work internationally. Read more about our courses and which courses they include.

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What is physical therapy good for?

By attending a body therapy training course, you can help people with physical and mental health issues. If you want to help people and have a social job, then training as a body therapist is just right for you! Body treatments can provide and contribute to incredibly good results

  • increase blood flow
  • increased immune system
  • Accelerate healing processes and recovery
  • Prevent and relieve tension headaches
  • Minimize anxiety and depression
  • counteract stress

What does it take to attend a body therapy training course?

Basic training or real competency is required to become a skin therapist, whether you decide to specialize in massage or spa. The most common way is the Abitur or equivalent training abroad. You can also be admitted by applying for real competency if your conditions are assessed by us.

If there are more applications than places, a special test is used to rank all applicants. The test is not mandatory, but taking it increases your chances of admission. The application takes place on yh-antagning.se and ends two months before the course starts, but there is a possibility of late applications, depending on availability.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about our training and apply today for a first-class international skin therapist training!

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