Danushka Gunathilaka: Woman says she feared for her life during alleged rape by Sri Lankan World Cup cricketer

Sydney, Australia

A woman who was allegedly raped by a Sri Lankan World Cup cricketer in Sydney, Australia last week told police she feared for her life during the attack, CNN affiliate 7 News reported.

Dhanushka Gunathilaka faces four sex charges after being arrested by police in Sydney on November 5 – shortly after her team played their final T20 Cricket World Cup match.

Gunatilaka maintains his innocence of all charges and intends to vigorously defend the matter in court, his attorney told CNN Thursday.

Police reports released by a court in Sydney on Wednesday and reported by CNN affiliate 7 News detail the police allegations against Gunathilaka.

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The woman, who has not been identified, told police the two went on a date in Sydney after meeting on Tinder, according to police and 7 News reported.

Police say the pair then went to the woman’s home in the harborside suburb of Rose Bay, where the woman says she was raped, 7 News reports.

According to police documents, the victim alleges that Gunathilaka refused to wear a condom and strangled the woman three times, 7 News reported.

7 News reported details of the cricketer’s police interview after Gunathilaka’s arrest.

“He corroborated some of the victim’s alleged stories, but he was not violent or gave consent,” police said.

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“The complainant grabbed her wrist and tried to remove the accused’s hand, but the accused clamped it around her neck,” police documents state 7 News.

“The complainant feared for his life and could not escape from the accused,” 7 News reported quoting a police report.

“He continued to try to walk away from the accused, a clear sign that he was not consenting,” 7 News said.

Prosecutors allege the woman did not consent to intercourse without a condom or engage in any other sexual activity, 7News reported.

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Gunathilak is being held without bond. He did not file a plea in this case.

7 News reports that the next hearing in the case will be held on January 12.

CNN has not obtained the court documents.

This year, strict new laws on sexual consent came into force in New South Wales, requiring sexual partners to obtain consent by word or gesture before having sex, and sexual partners have a responsibility to make it clear that consent has been given.

The law states that sexual consent to one act does not constitute consent to other acts.


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