Delaware DOI appoints director of health care delivery

Cristine Vogel has been named director of value-based health care delivery at the Delaware Department of Insurance after a lengthy national search to fill the role.

As the first Director, Vogel will lead efforts related to nature-based care, primary care, drug and pharmacy benefit managers, affordability, and other health policy initiatives including grant programs.

“It is more important than ever to ensure accessibility and affordability of health care and prescriptions,” said Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro. “Hospital costs, drug costs, and poor quality services all raise the price of care for consumers and insurance premiums. With Cristine’s expertise on board, we can continue to improve quality care at a lower cost.”

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Vogel has been involved in healthcare management for over 25 years, with experience in hospitals and medical practices, state government, insurance, and consulting. Leading the Office of Community-Based Health Care Delivery, Vogel will establish, implement, and monitor accessibility standards such as those that maximize investment in primary care, and manage the reporting of the company’s investment in health care. This will include examining commercial reimbursement rates for primary and chronic care services, the role of price and utilization in health care spending, and the use of prescription drugs as a driver of care costs.

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“Delaware is taking new initiatives to address quality of care and costs, and I am proud to work with Commissioner Navarro to make these projects a success,” said Vogel.

Vogel most recently served as director of population health programs at Nuvance Health System in Connecticut, where he developed solutions to improve clinical outcomes, increase quality of care, and control health care costs through the use of a nursing care management system, a clinical pharmacy program, and integrating behavioral health into of primary care procedures. His experience in health care reform includes leading the Connecticut State Office of Health Care Access and Certification of Need. This position, funded by the department, was made necessary by several laws related to health care access and pharmacy benefits.

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