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Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has announced a series of changes designed to help soldiers and their families financially.

Austin announced Wednesday in a memo to senior Pentagon leadership automatic base housing allowance increases beginning next month to fully fund commissioners to lower food prices, expand employment for spouses and allow eligible military members an allowance beginning next year to pay. for those whose gross household income is below 130% of the federal poverty line, military compensation director Jeri Busch told reporters Thursday.


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“We’re lowering prices in our commissaries to achieve at least 25% savings on grocery bills,” said Gil Cisneros, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. “Compared to the local market, commissioners are one of the best benefits we can offer service members and their families, and we encourage them to take advantage of the savings we can offer.”

Austin is also extending spending on temporary housing, allowing service members to receive partial reimbursements for travel expenses or an extended relocation, make “significant investments” in child development program facilities, and offer a 50% employee discount to attract employees to the CDP staff.

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“Our mission readiness depends on a strong and resilient home front and on meeting economic security and other challenges. The ministry will continue to ensure the readiness of our armed forces and the strength of our national security,” Cisneros said.

Next year’s National Defense Authorization Act will include a 4.6% pay rise for service members.


All of these changes, aimed at improving the lives of military personnel and their families, come as each military branch faces significant struggles in recruiting new recruits for various reasons, defense officials said.

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In addition to a smaller percentage of people meeting the military’s stringent requirements, leaders have also pointed to the coronavirus pandemic as another negative factor contributing to the recruitment shortage, with recruiters unable to attend secondary schools or other similar ones reasons to visit.

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