Disrupt 2022’s climate tech and health tech sessions

Between the climate crisis and global pandemics, we live in remarkably tense times. Undeterred by the magnitude of the challenges, Silicon Valley has worked hard to mitigate the threats, help the overlooked, and prepare for a new kind of future. Some of the most promising and innovative advances in climate and health technology will be on display at Disrupt 2022, taking place October 18-20 in San Francisco.

For founders, engineers, VCs and executives working to save the world, Disrupt 2022 will be a three-day festival of hope. There are tracks for both climate technology and health technology with presentations, roundtables, start-up exhibitions and networking opportunities in each part of the congress. Disrupt 2022 will have a huge list of notable speakers and sessions – check them out here:

  • So that care actually works
    With Toyin Ajayi – Co-Founder and CEO, Cityblock Health

  • Extreme Tech Challenge Highlights
    Sponsored by Extreme Tech Challenge

  • From Point A to Point Incredible: How Buoy Health scaled from idea to incredible AI success story
    Sponsored by Connection

  • How to Revolutionize Any Industry with Longevity Science: No PhD required
    With Erin Sharoni – Chief Product Officer, Foxo Technologies

  • Tech-driven biology and chemistry: solving science’s toughest problems at scale
    With Jacob Berlin – Chief Executive Officer, Terray; Peyton Greenside – CSO and co-founder of BigHat; Eric Zimmerman – Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Amazon Web Services

  • My daughter the cyborg
    with Jeremiah Robison – Founder and CEO, Cionic

  • Breaking into the health care monolith: Strategies for collaborating with payers and providers
    Sponsored by InterSystems
    with Neal Moawed – Global Head of Industry Research, InterSystems

  • Saving the World: The Playbook for Building Planetary Health Unicorns
    with Arvind Gupta – Partner, Mayfield Fund

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TechCrunch Disrupt will be held October 18-20 in San Francisco, with an online day on October 21. Buy your pass now and save up to $700 off full admission before prices increase on October 15th.

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