DoD Offering Online Suicide Prevention Courses

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Military members and families affected by suicide now have access to two Pentagon-sponsored online courses that provide insight into the support systems available to them.

The first course, After Suicide, covers communication techniques, connection to support systems and cues.

“After a suicide, you may experience a wide range of complex emotions and may need to learn new ways to care for yourself and others,” said Lisa Valentine, who directs Military OneSource’s Honor Office for Victims, Mortuary Affairs and Military Funerals.

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The second course, “After Suicide – Walking Through Providing Support” provides guidance for professionals providing services to suicide victims.

“In addition to chaplains and family members, military leaders and supervisors at all levels would greatly benefit from attending this course,” said Valentine.

The second course looks at survivor guilt and other feelings and emotions that one may feel after a suicide. It also recognizes that caregivers are not immune to the consequences of suicide.

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“The course will help you gain a greater awareness of the complicated nature of suicide and to develop a relationship with survivors of suicide loss,” said Andrew Moon, acting director of research, assessment and data/monitoring for the Suicide Prevention Office.

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