Due to a lack of necessary medications, Sri Lanka’s healthcare system has experienced significant decline

The health sector in Sri Lanka is also under pressure due to the economic crisis. It faces a significant drop as prices for essential drugs have skyrocketed. The prices of essential medicines have increased by 29% since they were prescribed by the government. Doctors and medical staff from the country’s main health institute took to the streets on Wednesday to defend themselves against government policies. dr Chamal Sanjeewa, president of the Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association of Doctors, said: Doctors don’t have gas to commute to work and have to wait in long lines at gas stations.

Shalintha Rodrigore, a pharmacist who works at Colombo’s largest drugstore known as Union Pharmacy, backed the doctor’s claims and told the ANI team that most of the medicines come from India, but there is also a shortage of medicines imported from India , he said Did. He went on to say that the government said they had increased drug prices by 29%, but many life-saving drugs, including anti-cancer drugs, were also missing from stores.

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Most of the anesthetics used in surgery are scarce, he added, saying it’s insufficient. Pharmacists don’t have medicines. And there are no antibiotics. In the next few days we will face big problems. We’re not protesting for our salaries, we’re protesting for our lives,” he said. Another doctor, Hiran Karasingha, told his ANI that unfortunately the situation in the country was getting worse. “Poor people come to government hospitals, but there is no medical care,” he said.

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He added that medical stores themselves are running out of common drugs like acetaminophen and panadol. Sri Lanka in particular is facing an unprecedented drug shortage and rebels are taking to the streets to protest the ongoing economic crisis. The island nation is currently facing a foreign exchange shortage that has led to shortages of food, fuel, electricity and gas, and is asking friendly nations for financial support. Sri Lanka’s currency has also depreciated by nearly SLR 90 against the US dollar since March 8.

The island nation’s economy, which has been in rapid decline since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, is now in a crisis spiral, including shortages of medicines and food and prolonged power outages. In addition, a health emergency was declared in Sri Lanka from Tuesday due to a serious shortage of medicines in the country. The decision came after a meeting of the National Government Medical Officials Association (GMOA) General Committee on Emergencies to discuss the introduction of emergency legislation and the acute shortage of medicines.

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  • Due to a shortage of necessary medicines, Sri Lanka’s healthcare system has experienced a significant decline
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