European Defence Training and Simulation Market Analysis

DUBLIN, Sept. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Added the European Defense Training and Simulation Growth Opportunities report Offer.

This report examines the changing trends in the European Defense T&S market amid the changing geopolitical landscape, economic turmoil and developments within military doctrine.

The scope of this study examines the changes and future direction over a 5-year period, taking into account global perspectives and approaches. An essential part of the report is a forecast of the overall market over a period of 5 years and the current European market share.

The Training and Simulation (T&S) market is expected to grow and evolve as countries move away from reliance on live training and greater adoption of virtual and constructive systems. The T&S market has shown strong resilience to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, where a decline in live training capabilities has led to greater adoption of virtual solutions to offset a loss in capabilities. It remains a major adopter of commercial off-the-shelf technologies, as the commercial sector has a faster development of technologies at a more affordable cost than the defense industry.

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This has fueled the entry of non-traditional companies into the market, for example the use of commercial gaming technologies to enhance planning and training capabilities, such as the use of Slitherine Software’s commercial video games by the UK Defense Science and Technology Laboratory.

Future expectations covered in the report include prioritizing rapid prototyping and development cycles with packaged upgrades to reduce the overhead of upgrading physical training systems. A trend expected to continue throughout the forecast period is the gradual adoption of live, virtual and constructively blended architectures and strategies, with a strong focus on updating and integrating legacy training systems.

Amid global tensions and the shift in the nature of warfare toward a more gray and hybrid model, training and simulation requirements are likely to shift toward a reprioritization of capability development. This is evidenced by the increased focus on cyber and electromagnetic activity (CEMA) as Western countries fall behind the capabilities of Russia and China, both of which are very active in the CEMA space.

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These priorities require T&S systems to include capabilities that keep pace with developments within military organizations. One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is a growing recognition of the benefits of virtual systems as units’ ability to train using more traditional live methods has been reduced.

The situation has forced traditionally conservative military personnel to rely more on virtual systems and to see the level of realism these systems offer, which increases the acceptance of these solutions. It also paves the way for non-traditional defense and T&S companies, such as small arms simulator GAIM, to enter the market.

growth opportunities

  • Training as a Service (TaaS) to reduce overhead
  • Use of non-traditional commercial standard models (COTS) to enhance training system offerings
  • Offering CEMA T&S systems to countries focused on CEMA capabilities
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Main topics covered:

1. Strategic imperatives

  • Why is it getting harder and harder to grow?
  • The strategic imperative
  • Impact of the top 3 strategic imperatives on the training and simulation industry
  • Growth opportunities fuel the growth pipeline engine

2. Scope and methodology of research

3. Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • conflicts and threats
  • Geopolitical Trends and Issues
  • European geopolitical landscape
  • European training trends
  • growth accelerator
  • Analysis of growth drivers
  • growth restrictions
  • Analysis of Growth Constraints
  • The effects of the pandemic
  • Impact on sustainability
  • Fulfillment of the sustainability goals of the United Nations
  • Notable changes in training doctrine
  • Important growth metrics
  • Leading Competitors by Market Area in Contract Information
  • Training and simulation market dashboard
  • Revenue Share
  • Supplier landscape: Top 10 companies
  • Top 5 Countries – Competitive Landscape
  • Overall Market Analysis
  • Sales forecast by country
  • opportunity landscape

4. Universe of Growth Opportunities

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