Everything you need to know to build toned quads at home

Having sculpted abs or bulging biceps is great, but nothing beats the sight of toned, muscular quads peeking out of your training shorts. Quad exercises can be an efficient way to gain muscle definition and strength in your legs, and to balance aesthetics and functionality in one feat. But if you’ve done squats at the gym, you know that training your hamstrings can turn you into a limping penguin the next day. We spoke to Bala Dabbedi, Celebrity Fitness Expert, Co-Founder and Director at Fittr, to find out how you can maximize your quad training at home. From recovery tips to the best quad exercises, here’s everything he wants you to know to improve your quad training.

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GQ: Can you shed some light on the anatomy of the quad muscles?

Bala Dabbedi: The quadriceps muscles are a group of four muscles located at the front of your thigh. They are one of the strongest and largest muscles in the human body and include the rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis and vastus intermedius. Like all muscles in the body, the quadriceps muscles are made up of tightly bound muscle fibers made up of protein. Because of this, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes consume more protein to build and maintain their muscles.

GQ: What role do strong quads play in overall fitness and everyday lifestyle?

BD: Quads are critical to overall body movement, from walking and running to climbing stairs. Quad Strengthening and Fitness keeps the legs strong and effectively supports all of these activities throughout the day. Additionally, strong quads are essential for keeping knee and hip joints healthy while supporting everyday movements like bending and sitting.

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GQ: How often should you train quads?

BD: Building quads affects the entire physique. One should start training them once a week and do it twice a week. After the first few weeks and practice, you can actually train your quads three times a week.

GQ: Do you have any tips for sore quads after a hard workout?

BD: Here are a few recovery tips for sore quads:

  • I would advise people not to train the same muscle two days in a row. You have to allow blood to move to the sore muscles to deliver oxygen, nutrients, and amino acids that are essential for muscle tissue repair.
  • After an intense workout, foam rollers and static stretches are known to relieve muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • A high-protein diet and high caffeine intake can also help reduce pain.
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The best quad workouts to do at home without equipment

We asked Dabbedi to design an at-home quad workout that you can incorporate into your leg day routine to take your fitness to the next level. Below he explains how to perform the recommended exercises.

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