Exclusive Interview With The Best Dietician In Delhi, Shivani Sikri About Her Journey In Nutrition & Wellness World

She is the brains behind Nutri4Verve, an internationally recognized online weight management diet clinic known for transforming mindsets and therefore lives.

It’s so amazing to see how a few female professionals, experts, innovators, founders and entrepreneurs have taken over almost every industry in the world. These women could make it big by thriving on their passion for doing things in their chosen niches and their commitment to offer uniqueness to their target audience, ultimately bringing more value to their lives.

We got in touch with Shivani Sikri, the best Dietician and Nutritionist in Delhi, India to find out about her journey and much more.

  • Let’s start by learning more about your journey.

I was born on August 21, 1981 in New Delhi and since childhood I have witnessed my maternal grandfather working as a passionate Ayurveda doctor, my mother as a gymnast and yoga lover and my father as a fitness enthusiast and sports lover. From the beginning, the idea of ​​great health and wellness was ingrained in me. So I think it was only natural for me to look more into the nutrition side of things as I also saw how choosing the right fitness program and especially the right diet was life changing. My passion and fascination with nature’s healing methods have made me a part of the world of nutrition and well-being.


  • They own an online weight management diet clinic, Nutri4Verve; why do you think it is unique from others?
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Nutri4Verve is all about personalized, intelligent, unique holistic nutrition programs that help build great habits and focus on a holistic and functional nutritional approach that has made it unique from the rest. The team works with clients to improve their relationship with food and gain a better understanding of how nutrition affects every aspect of their lives. This has made it an internationally recognized online weight management diet clinic in just over a decade.

  • How do you think you’ve changed people’s lives as co-founder and chief nutritionist of Nutri4Verve?

As a Certified Nutrigenomics Consultant, Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Research Scientist, Columnist, Company Spokesperson, and Distinguished Nutritionist, I recommend a combination of holistic therapeutic, functional, and integrative lifestyle modification approaches that provide clients with tailored metabolic and combination-based nutrient-dense diets. This helps them in fat loss as well as in treating a clinical condition. This is why I recommend people to have the Indian versions of international diets like the keto diet, paleo, intermittent fasting and more with balanced health and home cooked meals.

  • What changes do you see coming in the nutrition and wellness industry?

I see major changes in the industry where I see sustainable eating as an in-demand eating plan. There’s also a search for more plant-based diets, and even diets that can improve mood, sleep, and cognition.

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  • What are your recent achievements during and after Covid in the nutrition and wellness industry?

letter of approx

I was recently presented with a Letter of Appreciation in 2022 from the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari ji for my contribution in the field of health and nutrition.

Also, in May 2022, I received the Women Healthcare Leadership Award – Dietician for Excellence & Leadership in Healthcare from the Golden Aim Awards.

  • Please discuss your thoughts on diabetes, especially as type 2 diabetes has increased exponentially over the past few decades, especially among children

Type 2 diabetes, formerly known as adult-onset diabetes, is affecting more and more people at younger ages, particularly due to the rise in childhood obesity. For these many people, food takes on a whole new meaning.

Diabetes is on the rise. More than 90% of cases are type 2 diabetes, a chronic condition that causes high blood sugar (glycemia) either because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or because the body’s cells resist the action of insulin. This can have harmful consequences for several important organs, including the kidneys, eyes, heart and blood vessels. Therefore, good blood sugar control is important to avoid these potential problems

  • Is it possible to have “just a little” diabetes or when people say they’re low on sugar?

When a person’s body is unable to maintain normal blood sugar levels, they are diagnosed with diabetes. So the small case of diabetes does not exist, even if there are sometimes no symptoms felt in everyday life, which explains why many people are not aware of their disease. The only difference is that if left untreated, diabetes will eventually lead to complications. In addition to controlling weight, taking prescription medications as directed by a doctor, and monitoring blood sugar levels daily, healthy eating and regular exercise are essential parts of managing diabetes.

  • How can we deal with diabetes?
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When diabetes is part of our daily lives, one thing is certain: the key to success lies in understanding the role of food in our bodies and identifying the different sources of carbohydrates on the menu. It is known that the rise in blood sugar after a meal is directly related to the amount of carbohydrate consumed during that meal. Without being sweet in taste, many foods, including pasta, rice, potatoes, milk, and legumes, provide significant amounts of carbohydrates. I usually emphasize that you take comprehensive care of your diabetes or follow a proper Indian diet chart for diabetics to assess what is right to consume and what foods are to be avoided.

Connect with Shivani Sikri:

Website: https://nutri4verve.com

To make an appointment, call: +91-8800339577

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://facebook.com/nutri4verve

Instagram: https://instagram.com/shivanisikri

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivani-sikri-a6676172/

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