Fans Praise LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura For Speaking Out Against HYBE’s Dieting Expectations For The Members — And Criticize HYBE For Allegedly Mistranslating Her Words » GossipChimp

LE SSERAFIM‘s sakura gets praise as fans see her speak out against it HYBE‘s dietary expectations for her and her members, while HYBE has been criticized for allegedly mistranslating her words to soften them.

Sakura | @39saku_chan/Instagram

With the release of the documentary by LE SSERAFIM The world is my oyster, followers took a close look at the difficult trajectory the members had to go through to make their debut. As a seasoned idol, Sakura had much to say about it herself, along with her private wrestling with prejudice about her age as an “older idol” and the negative judgment she received for her singing.


She also received updates on the grueling daily routine members put on as trainees, which regularly ended at dawn.

But after watching the third episode of the documentary, fans are expressing satisfaction with Sakura for standing up for her members regarding what the company expected of them in the form of a weight loss plan.

It was noted in episode three that the members were part of the administrative staff to meet to assess their progress. The head of the management group, Kim Hyeong Eunsaid members had to be taught strict self-management and related to their diets during promotion intervals.

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Upon hearing this, Sakura got emotional and actually mentioned: “We’ve worked so hard, I don’t want us to be stressed about it.”

she added “I’ve seen members fight and get criticized for these things.”

chaewonwho previously debuted with Sakura in IZ*ONEagreed and said “I would have no problem with members having different meal plans…”

…when Sakura argued that each member must be allowed to eat and nourish themselves as they please.

The various members also agreed to Yunjin claiming that not only should each person follow their own nutritional plan, but their willingness to follow the nutritional plan is also required.

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After the release of The world is my oysterFollowers have not only praised Sakura for bringing up the issue and speaking out against HYBE…

…but they’ve also expressed frustration with HYBE for allegedly mistranslating the documentary’s captions to soften their sentences.

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A translation by Twitter customer @TSaku1339 paints a picture that’s not entirely different from HYBE’s captions youtubeshowing that Sakura was more instrumental in the company’s stance on the weight-loss plan than the captions suggested.

| @TSaku1339/Twitter

This is a controversial subject and HYBE is far from the primary company that has such strict expectations of their artists, so it’s perhaps not surprising that they attempt to edit the footage of this dialogue.

In any case, Sakura deserves a ton of credit for addressing the issue when she realized it!

Watch the full clip from the episode at the hyperlink below.

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