First fellowship in Integrative Medicine and

A collaboration between Maharishi International University's College of Integrative Medicine and the University of Arizona's Andrew Weill Center for Integrative Medicine

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Credit: In the joint press release of AVCIM MIU

We are pleased to announce the inaugural class for the MS in Integrative Medicine and Ayurveda Fellowship for Medical Professionals, which will provide training in general integrative medicine with a specialization in integrative Ayurveda.

The American Board of Integrative Medicine has provisionally approved a fellowship program for board-certifying physicians. The master’s degree is offered by MIU and accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, and is open to licensed healthcare professionals: physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and doctors of naturopathic medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy.

Designed specifically for licensed working health care professionals, the program is online and part-time over two years and qualifies for federal financial aid.

Leaders from both institutions issued statements announcing the program and its unique contribution to integrative medicine training.

Andrew Weil, MD

Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Founder and Director / Professor of Medicine and Public Health / Lovell-Jones Endowed Chair in Integrative Medicine

“It has been my lifelong mission to make integrative medicine accessible to patients worldwide. This new partnership with MIU will increase the number of physicians who are dually trained in Ayurveda and integrative medicine, addressing the growing demand for integrative care.”

Arti Prasad, MD, FACP, ABOIM

Director of MIU Scholarships

“As a founding member of the American Board of Integrative Medicine and as a practitioner, teacher and leader in the field of integrative health, I believe this is the first time in the nation that the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda as an entire system of medicine will be highlighted and integrated with modern medicine through this combined program scholarships.

Robert Schneider, MD, FACC

Dean of the MIU College of Integrative Medicine and Executive Director of the Fellowship

“This is the first Master of Science with Fellowship in Integrative Medicine that provides both general training in Integrative Medicine and specialty training in Ayurveda at the level of a national medical specialty board.

During the program, physicians will acquire the knowledge and skills to optimize their clinical effectiveness while minimizing the harmful effects of conventional medicine. They will learn to empower their patients and increase satisfaction through whole-person care using the best practices of general integrative medicine and integrative Ayurveda.”

Applications are now open for the first cohort, with classes starting in August 2023.

Learn more and apply at

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