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The global infrared imaging technology market, valued at US$5.4 billion in 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of US$7 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.3% during the analysis period.

The US market is estimated at US$2.4 billion in 2022, while China is expected to reach US$603 million by 2026

The US infrared imaging technology market is valued at US$2.4 billion in 2022. China, the second largest economy in the world, is forecast to reach a projected market size of US$603 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 7.7% over the analysis period. Other notable geographic markets include Japan and Canada, which are expected to grow by 5.6% and 5.9%, respectively, for the analysis period. Within Europe, growth of approx. 6.1% CAGR is forecast for Germany.

The market is predicted to have robust growth opportunities, driven by growing demand from the non-industrial sector, increasing acceptance of new end-use applications, technological advances in IR imaging technology, increasing acceptance of security and surveillance applications, and increasing availability of low-cost infrared cameras.

By application, the security and surveillance segment is projected to reach $4.1 billion by 2026

The global market for security and surveillance by application is valued at US$3.2 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach US$4.1 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% over the analysis period. The United States represents the largest regional market for the security and surveillance segment, accounting for 42.8% of global sales. China is poised to record the fastest compound annual growth rate of 7.6% over the analysis period, and reach US$417.6 million by the end of the analysis period.

Selected competitors (55 total featured):

  • Allied Vision Technologies GmbH

  • Axis Communications AB

  • Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

  • FLIR Systems, Inc.

  • Fluke Corporation

  • General Dynamics, Inc. Mission Systems

  • Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd.

  • L3Harris Technologies, Inc.

  • Leonardo DRS

  • Lynred

  • New imaging technologies

  • Opgal Optronic Industries

  • Sensors Unlimited, Inc.

  • Xenics NV

  • Zhejiang Dali Technology Co., Ltd

Main topics covered:




  • Insights into the influencer market

  • Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the looming economic recession

  • Impact of COVID-19 on Infrared Imaging Technology

  • Thermal imaging as a promising fever screening method to evade the COVID-19 storm

  • Reservations regarding the use of infrared/thermal imaging for fever detection

  • Vendors highlight thermal imaging systems to address COVID-19 challenge

  • Organizations are rising up with thermal imaging to reopen and ensure business continuity

  • Once a niche market, infrared cameras are enjoying increasing demand amid COVID-19



  • Increasing importance of IR technology in industrial imaging applications

  • Growing importance of infrared cameras in inspection and quality control applications

  • The rapidly evolving role of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory to guide future expansion

  • Major Industry 4.0 Technologies: Global Market Size (Billions US$) for Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Smart Factory, Advanced Analytics, Service Robotics and Smart Machines for 2020

  • Thermal imaging cameras for remote temperature measurement

  • Increasing demand for infrared imaging products from non-industrial sectors

  • Continued demand for infrared imaging technology in military applications

  • With defense budgets coming under severe pressure, the IR imaging market is experiencing challenging times

  • World defense spending in billions of U.S. dollars from 2001 to 2019

  • Leading countries by defense budgets in billions of US dollars for 2019

  • Budget reprioritization is impacting defense spending and impacting the IR imaging market

  • Japan Defense Budget: A comparison before and after COVID-19 (in billion US dollars) for 2021-2023

  • UK Defense Budget: A comparison before and after COVID-19 (in billion US dollars) for 2021-2023

  • The increase in territorial conflicts and border disputes shifts the focus to better surveillance and target identification

  • Number of Terrorist Incidents and Terrorism-Related Deaths Worldwide: 2011-2018

  • Focus on Soldier Modernization Programs Drives Market Growth

  • Improving Target Identification, Threat Assessment and Surveillance: Essential Capabilities of IR Imaging Systems

  • US companies offer support to the US Air Force in the development of EO/RF-related technologies

  • Imaging infrared technology finds favor in guiding IR missiles

  • Thermal imaging cameras: An important system for border security

  • Infrared and thermal imaging cameras are used in ISR operations

  • Advanced LWIR technology for thermal imaging at near room temperature

  • LWIR imager with superior dynamic range

  • Security and surveillance applications offer significant potential for the infrared imaging market

  • New applications of SWIR cameras should stimulate the market

  • The growing role of infrared imaging technology in gas detection

  • Global Gas Leak Detection and Repair Market by Technology (in %) for 2020E

  • IR imaging technology is finding increasing application in healthcare

  • Infrared cameras for medical diagnostic use

  • IR imaging cameras are gaining traction in COVID-19 screening

  • Autonomous vehicles integrate IR imaging technology

  • Global predicted penetration rate (%) of autonomous vehicles for the years 2021, 2023 and 2025

  • As the aviation industry looks to resume normal operations, demand for IR imaging systems will increase

  • Expected losses in the global airline industry (in billions of US dollars)

  • The consumer electronics industry is seeing increasing use of IR technology

  • IR imaging cameras: Capture IR radiation

  • Primary Use Cases of Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • Interference from thermal imaging cameras

  • Infrared cameras help identify and correct distortions in production

  • Emerging Applications of Infrared Imaging Technology: An Overview

  • Technological advances in IR imaging technology and development of low-cost cameras to drive the market




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