GoodWishKidscare’s Course, “Genius Baby Framework For Pregnancy”, To Launch On 26 September

September 19th: The launch ceremony for GoodWishKidscare’s new Genius Baby Framework for Pregnancy course will be held on Monday 26th September. This online and offline course is designed to help mothers raise their children with proper neurological development right in the womb. With the holistic goal of helping mothers reduce the chances of low weight birth, weak immunity and behavioral problems in babies by helping them on the motherhood journey.

Nowadays babies struggle with recurring infections due to low immunity and increasing tendencies of autism, hyperkinetic babies and behavioral problems. It is painful not only for the parents, but also for the treating doctor. The main reasons for these problems actually lie in pregnancy. One of these platforms, GoodWishKidscare, helps pregnant mothers face mental and physical challenges. is an easy-to-use online platform that offers online courses to parents, especially pregnant women. The full courses and cutting-edge workshops they offer, such as Genius Baby Framework For Pregnancy and Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition for High IQ Babies, allow parents to maximize prenatal care, which is critical to the baby’s overall neurological development.

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Its main goal is to empower parents with a preplanned baby routine, MESS techniques, prenatal brain development techniques and many scientific benefits during pregnancy. Such techniques, if followed consistently, can reduce the likelihood of complications associated with the baby’s health after birth. In this way, the parents are helped to focus on the pregnancy not only from the baby’s point of view, but also from a perspective that is completely different from the usual methods of prenatal care.

Based on intensive research and analytical aspects, it turned out that mothers should pay special attention to three important pillars during pregnancy. First, she must follow scientific diet and nutrition methods to reduce the risk of mental or health problems in babies. For example, eating healthy, or avoiding a certain type of food, is a common phrase that has no meaning until a pregnant mom digs deep into the topic.

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A Brilliant baby frame for pregnancy is the second important pillar in pregnancy. Most of the time parents focus on the genius, mental or IQ part by the time the kid turns 1 or 2 years old. During pregnancy, some quality aspects of learning play a fundamental role in the baby’s brain development. Last but not least, routine medical care in the form of health checks is the third important pillar for a happy and fit baby after pregnancy.

Over the years dr. Ashutosh Bhardwaj has ministered to more than thousands of couples. The positive results obtained through these scientific methods were a heartfelt encouragement to him. In addition, his parents and senior teachers prompted him to convert his offline course into interactive online courses that parents can access anytime, anywhere. dr Ashutosh Bhardwaj, MBBS.DCH.PGPN.PGDUS recognized the need of the hour and founded the GoodWishKidscare online platform to help parents maximize their babies’ true mental and health potential.

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GoodWishKidscare courses help in the baby’s proper physical brain development from the moment of conception. The motto of his courses is to make seeds (the baby in the womb) of high quality and then later to make hard changes in an already mature tree (after birth and later).

Through this website, Dr. Ashutosh to help parents build their baby’s fundamentals strong enough to make them a high IQ, healthy, spiritual, social and good immune system baby. This is not just a baby birthing site, but one whose functionality begins as soon as you start planning your dream baby. You can learn more about it on their website

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