How to Meet Your Holistic Goals This School Year

Total self-struggle

The start of a new school year is always a source of excitement and/or stress for any young teenager. These emotions are aroused for a variety of reasons, whether they are concerns related to class, loved ones, or one’s general well-being. These emotions all play a crucial role in determining a student’s social well-being at school, academic success, and mental health status.

Associated with all of this is also an inherent obligation on the part of the student to maintain themselves holistically, but there is never a clear or definitive path when attempting to achieve holistic completion as one progresses academically. The ideal ambitious and goal-oriented college student or post-educational student is expected to constantly stack extracurricular studies, rigorous homework, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and personal time on top of each other.

But how do you achieve something like this without suffering from burnout, overstress and motivation-destroying boredom? There is no right answer and no solidified solution to the problem, but it is definitely not impossible to prevent or lessen the impact while navigating the increased difficulties of a new school year using various methods.

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calendar planning

The good old time management technique for calendar planning. Marking your calendar with the dates of upcoming exams, tests, extracurricular activities, and planned study times allows you to spread your time across all your activities while keeping your grades good! It’s crucial that you set these times for yourself to follow and remember to ensure you stay organized and prepared. Both are key to feeling fulfilled, confident, and ready for success.

Clear your mind

Yes, it really works. Taking time out during the day to have some time to yourself can help you refocus, de-stress, and reinvigorate yourself. Be it a long walk, going to the gym, reading a book, or listening to soothing music. Anything that helps you relax and unwind from the stress of school or social life will help clear your head.

Turn your hobbies into extracurricular activities/activities

If you have a genuine passion for an activity or hobby, why not make it an extracurricular topic and enjoy doing it while building a holistic round? Joining or even better starting an interesting association/organisation in your school or community builds your holistic portfolio and allows you to discuss your own interests with other people. These activities demonstrate the school/community’s commitment, passion shown and excellent time management. Why don’t you try it?

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Set clear long-term and short-term goals

The first step to overall success is defining the what your most important overall success. Do you want to lose weight? Create training and nutrition plans. Do you want to go to a good college? Make regular study and extracurricular plans. In everything, measures are taken and success is achieved when concrete plans are formulated. Building a foundation is key to making sure you don’t get overwhelmed or caught off guard. Write these goals down somewhere (notebook, digital document, sticky note, etc.) and keep reminding yourself of them for motivation.

Talk and ask for help

Sometimes we really can’t handle the whole thing that’s thrown at us, and that’s totally fine. Talk to someone you trust and trust, a friend, parent, relative, counselor, mentor, or someone you are confident will give you the best advice possible. Talking to them about your problems gives you reassurance, guidance, and encouragement.

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Asking for help should never be excluded, and you should never do or expect more than you can handle. When you’re in almost every emergency, asking for help can be the solution that keeps you from overexerting yourself.

Make sure you are happy and whole

If “holism” is at the expense of your declining mental/physical health, then it probably isn’t worth it. Being passionate, happy and proud of what you do and achieve is the greatest reward in life; Pleasure. Enjoying and loving what one does brings out the best in an individual’s works and actions. Keep working hard to achieve these holistic goals while enjoying your school year!

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