Husband’s ‘Words and Love’ Saved Wife After Boat Propeller Hit Her

  • British woman Amore Armitage was diving near the island of Cozumel when a boat propeller was ripped from her body.
  • The boat propeller cut through his abdomen, genitals and legs, causing severe injuries.
  • It was her husband Chase’s “words and love” that kept her alive when she was rushed to the hospital, she said.

A British yoga instructor was snorkeling off the coast of the Mexican island of Cozumel in the Caribbean Sea on December 17 when he was clipped by a boat propeller and seriously injured.

Amor Armitage, 37, was rushed to hospital, where he underwent a four-hour operation to reconstruct his bones and tendons, The Times of London reported.

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But she told the newspaper that her husband Chase Armitage’s “words and love” kept her alive during the terrifying trip to hospital.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my angel Chase,” Armitage told The Times.

A crowdfunding page to help get Armitage back to the UK following the crash, friend Rita Melroe, tells us what happened on December 17. “Amor was caught by a propeller from the boat they were diving on, causing multiple injuries to his stomach. And legs,” the friend wrote.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Armitage said everything seemed to “go slow” as she felt the boat’s propeller hit her stomach, legs and genitals. She said she made a “visceral scream” for help.

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The boat’s captain asked her to climb a ladder into the boat, but she said she could see “inside.” In the recording, Armitage explains that he somehow got himself onto the boat.

She described on Instagram how her body was “disintegrating” and felt “out-of-this-world pain”, according to Sky News.

Then came her husband, a professional stunt performer.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, her husband said: “I dropped the heavy scuba kit and held her as tightly as I could. You hear people talk about soul mates, Amor and I are those soul mates. We are very spiritual people and we feel closely connected.

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“‘I said I’m not going to let her go, we have so much strength, the world needs her, it’s not time for her to go. And she showed that she’s a miracle by being alive.'”

He continued: “But it’s not about the words. The love we have is powerful enough. She also has a positive attitude and despite the situation she’s facing, that’s helped her a lot.”

Armitage’s husband is now trying to raise money for her treatment, which has so far cost more than £60,000 ($72,318), the Times reported.

He is currently in the recovery ward and receiving daily treatment in a hyperbaric chamber to boost his oxygen levels and speed up his recovery, The Mail on Sunday reported.


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