I did 30 dumbbell flyes every day for a week and this is what happened

Some exercises can make you wonder why on earth you put yourself through them (I’m looking at you, squats of all kinds), and some leave you with a deep sense of accomplishment. Dumbbell letters are definitely in the second category.

Dumbbell fly is a popular exercise in the gym. This is a great move to open up and strengthen your chest, and it looks great when done right. The fly provides a pleasant stretch on the chest as it gives the pectoral muscles a good workout. (For smaller ones, it works on the shoulders and triceps.) It can also help with posture, not only because it opens up the chest but also requires scapular retraction (drawing the shoulder blades back toward the spine). Good posture (opens in new tab) increases in importance as we age because it helps with balance; it also helps us maintain good shape during sports.

How to do a dumbbell fly?


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