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Hyderabad: On November 12, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mocked Telangana’s TRS government by calling it “family politics” and claimed that the state needs a government that serves all families, not just one. In an attempt to downplay the criticism leveled by his rivals, Modi claimed that the “2-3 kg” of abuse he endures every day is what motivates him to help others as it provides the “nutrition” needed to transform negativity. words become positive energy.

“The agenda in politics should be service oriented. But in Telangana the mandate of those who got the mandate–their whole focus is to abuse Modi. Sometimes people ask me, Modiji, aren’t you tired. Yesterday I was in Delhi in the morning then Karnataka , Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and now in Telangana. People are asking me if I am not tired,” Modi said at a public rally.

“Then I will tell them that every day I take 2-3 kg of abusive words. And God has created me in such a way, God has blessed me in such a way that all those abusive words are processed and converted into nutrition in my system. It will be a positive energy that will be helped to serve the people,” said the PM.

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He went on to say that some individuals have “run out” of their vocabulary in their attempts to hurt him out of despair, depression and fear. Opponents had no choice but to use such insulting language, so he urged his supporters not to worry.

“Don’t worry. For the past 22 years I have received many abusive words. Laugh at them, drink tea. The lotus will bloom. Go with that happy feeling,” he said. BJP will stop at nothing to defeat TRS in Assembly elections 2023. Party symbol is lotus.

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He was subjected to constant abuse from those who sought new insults to use.

“I want to tell them, whatever quantity of abuse you use against Modi, I will digest it all. You abuse BJP, no problem. We grew up like that. But if you abuse the people of Telangana, then it becomes give and take, ” he warned.

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Training his guns against the K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS, Modi said the party in which people had restored faith had betrayed them.

Modi, who addressed BJP workers at the Begumpet airport here soon after his arrival for a visit to the State, said he regretted that people who had prospered and gained power in the name of Telangana had pushed him back.

“The government and leaders here are continuously doing injustice to the capacity of Telangana and the talent of the people of Telangana. The party most trusted by the people of Telangana, the same party has committed the biggest betrayal to Telangana,” he alleged, without naming the TRS.

However, the Lotus begins to bloom in conditions where there is darkness, he reiterated. In an apparent reference to the TRS which regularly attacks him, Modi said he remains unperturbed by such criticism and appealed to BJP activists in the State not to worry about it. He appreciated the BJP activists for remaining committed in service and continuing the struggle in the face of allegations of tyranny.

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Referring to the recent bypoll to Munugode Assembly where the BJP came second, he said the manner in which the people of the constituency showed confidence in the party, according to him, was unprecedented. BJP workers have brought the entire Telangana government to one Assembly segment (Munugode), he said. The people are with the party, he said.

“Whatever the by-polls held recently, the message is loud and clear: Telangana’s sunrise is not far off. The night will end. In Telangana, lotuses will bloom everywhere” Modi referring to the BJP’s victory in the two Assembly by-elections last year in Dubbak and Huzurabad.

He alleged that superstitions were practiced in the city, known for its information technology ecosystem, and asserted that such convictions define governance, in what appeared to be a subtle reference to Chief Minister Rao.

In an apparent dig at the Chief Minister, Modi said, “Now, Telangana people want a government that works for all Telangana families and not one family.” They want a BJP administration, he continued.

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