I’m a personal stylist & there are 5 main body shapes – how to dress slimmer by identifying yours

A PERSONAL stylist shared the best way to identify your body type.

With Camelia Jade’s tips, you may also be able to determine how to dress slimmer according to your body shape.

Personal stylist Camelia Jade shared the top five body types


Personal stylist Camelia Jade shared the top five body typesPhoto credit: TikTok/camelliajade
She demonstrated to a customer and explained the different types


She demonstrated to a customer and explained the different typesPhoto credit: TikTok/camelliajade

In a video, personal stylist Camelia Jade explained the different body types using a customer example.

“Well, every body is completely different, but we can generalize to five. What we want to look at is your shoulders, we want to look at your waist and we also want to look at your hips,” she began.

She placed her hands on her client’s body to identify her body type.

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“So when I put my hands on your body, I see that you have some waist definition. If you didn’t have waist definition, you would fall into the apple category. But you have waist definition,” she said.

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Apple body types tend to lack a defined waist and carry weight in their stomachs.

“Next, you want to look at your shoulders and hips. And it looks like they’re pretty much matched.

“It doesn’t look like your shoulders are wider than your hips, it doesn’t look like your hips are wider than your shoulders.”

The inverted triangle body type has broad shoulders and narrow hips.

“And if you turn sideways for me,” Camelia turned her client sideways, “You’ve got some curves, too.”

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“So I would define you as our hourglass shape. If your body didn’t curve so much you’d be a bit straighter, I’d say you’re a rectangle.

“But you have curves. And then when you turn forward again – we said we have a defined waist right here.” She grabbed her waist.

“So we’re going to look for pieces that accentuate that part of your body.”

People with rectangular body shapes tend to have shoulders, waists, and hips, all of which have similar measurements. You can have a slight waist definition and the weight will be evenly distributed across the body.

An hourglass shape aligns the shoulders and hips, gives waist definition and some curvy benefits.

Knowing your form allows you to bring balance and harmony to your body


Knowing your form allows you to bring balance and harmony to your bodyPhoto credit: TikTok/camelliajade

The pear-shaped body, which is somewhat similar to the hourglass body, has two main features – wider hips/thighs and a smaller top half.

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According to Camelia, knowing your form gives you the power to bring balance and harmony to your body through the use of colour, silhouettes and embellishments.

And in the comments section of her video, Camelia shared some clothing tips for different body types to look slimmer.

One user wrote: “APPLE here. Give me all the dress ideas. Sometimes I wear like an A-line dress and it makes me look even taller. The fight.”

Camelia suggested trying a wrap dress.

“Not all wrap dresses are made equal. They fit differently depending on the fabric, so try a few out!” she wrote.

A second user wrote: “I’m a cross between a potato and a rectangle. What should I wear? I always look frumpy.”

Camelia replied, “I would suggest looking for tops that define the waist or cover the body.”

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