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Privileges at birth displease wannabe dudes, and the subject has come up quite a bit in the past week, especially in the land of the depraved, where the bagel times considers monarchy anti-democratic and the cause of most human diseases, including the common cold, cancer, pimples, varicose veins and even athlete’s foot. At my own alma mater, the University of Virginia, founded by the greatest of Americans, Thomas Jefferson, some physically repugnant creeps have been demanding that his name be removed from the beautiful neoclassical buildings he designed. The problem is that Tom, as we called him in my fraternity, was a bit anti-monarchic himself, having sided with and advised a number of colonists, starting with one named George Washington. No, the ugly ones are after old Tom because he slept with Sally Hemings, his slave girl, and even had children with her.

shock, horror! Gentlemen weren’t supposed to do that back in 1789, but my excuse is that she was pretty sweet. What I would like to know is what about the poor women who sleep with the creeps who are anti-Tom, or endure at some point. These guys are known to suffer from bad breath, are ill-endowed, and have absolutely no regard for what women want. My suggestion is that American ladies all become lesbians and get it over with. But let’s return to privilege, especially white.

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White privilege is neither part of a larger neurosis nor symptomatic of a larger cultural woe of the past. It’s a recent invention of leftist academics who use multiple colonic irrigations to relieve chronic constipation. Today, according to the clogged, privilege actually means discrimination and oppression, but the Greek equivalent of Dr. Johnson, Professor Taki, writes something else. According to the Hellenic sage, privilege derives when someone somewhere somehow achieves what others cannot, and his descendants benefit from what he has done. Those who are most opposed to privilege are those who have never managed to do anything constructive or useful for others in their lives, and who pass on nothing but sadness, debt, and very bad attitude. The average person strives to better their life for their children—and for themselves, of course—so who are these snide, cleaning braggarts of the bagel times Blame privilege for all the ills of society? I wouldn’t be caught dead talking to people like that, but I can tell you what they look like: Funeral Homes with piles.

And yet the Savonarolas of today are the New York Timesthe Washington Post and the American media in general have decided that monarchy, aristocracy, and inheritance are obsolete and should be replaced by an underclass that prides itself on its ignorance, violence, and illiteracy. Among the first to subscribe to this nonsense about privilege are actors and television pundits, both here in the UK and in the old colonies. These trained seals say things like “Privileged people have more access to quality food…” Duh!

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Breaking free from your sin of being privileged is the latest craze in the land of the insane, a place where everyone with a cell phone has turned into an Oprah Winfrey, which brings me to Harry and Meghan. On the now-famous tour of Windsor Castle with the Prince and Princess of Wales, I thought the Montecito duo looked like a football couple dressed up for a court appearance in a libel case. His suits are tight and look tighter because he struts like a footballer. She no longer looks so good at 41: the skinny ankles, the disappeared waist, the visage that is no longer angelic. Any reasonable person in their right mind should know that zebras tend to change their stripes during the mourning period, but revert back to type afterwards.

never mind Harry has been a puppet for some time, manipulated and exploited by anti-British and pro-Awakened forces. Bitterly obscure academics like Uju Anya and others are finally having their day with the depraved insults they directed at the dead queen. Remember that if someone from the New York Times approaches you. The newspaper is one big lie, unbearably windy and dedicated to the overthrow of everything the average person believes in. It is anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-police, anti-armed forces, anti-law and order, and anti-marriage, and pro-criminal, subversive, and perverted. Don’t read it, definitely don’t buy it, and urge your friends to do the same. And never relieve a hacker who has anything to do with the rag.Punto e Bastaas they say in the land of pasta.

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Exposing the sins of their privilege in public like some rich half-morons do in the States to rack up brownie points is the latest outrage of the #MeToo era. They do it at length and publicly and in breathless detail, but the skin-crawling and ridiculous apologies make uncompromising guys like me look superior. Privilege is good and wholesome and has given the world most of the things we take for granted. So let’s all emulate our late Queen who – unlike some of her descendants – has never apologized for anything in her life.

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