Jankel Partnerships with Atmos-clear and FuelActive

Jankel signs partnerships with two UK SMEs, Atmos-clear and FuelActive, to help improve defense sustainability.


Press Release, Weybridge, 21 September 2022: Jankel, a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly specialized defence, security and NGO protection systems, has announced partnerships with two UK technology companies, Atmos-clear and FuelActive. The partnerships are part of Jankel Advanced Technology’s strategy to increase sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, increase efficiency and help protect the environment. The announcement coincides with the DVD 2022 exhibition in Millbrook, where Jankel will showcase a number of innovative partnerships, including this one and some exciting examples of electric vehicle (EV) technology.

In line with and in support of the UK MoD Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach, the announcement of these two new collaboration agreements expands the existing Jankel Advanced Technologies portfolio and represents Jankel’s move to leverage the best of UK innovations to address the critical issues of fuel economy and defense sustainability . Jankel’s other recently announced technology partnerships include BodyTrak and Williams Advanced Engineering (both announced in late 2021). These partnerships demonstrate Jankel’s commitment to staying at the forefront of new technologies and delivering solutions that offer new and existing customers value-added capabilities while promoting UK exports.

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The Atmos-clear EXO units significantly reduce fuel particulates and emissions when fitted to an existing fossil fuel engine. The Exo 1 and Exo 3 solutions enable hotter, cleaner fuel combustion. The two main benefits of this are a drastic reduction in harmful emissions and an increase in fuel consumption. Jankel and Atmos-clear are bringing this new technology to defense and security fleets worldwide and will jointly support the product once it is operational.

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FuelActive offers defense with a fit-and-forget solution to protect engines from fuel contamination while improving fuel economy. The FuelActive solution uses an innovative design to prevent contaminants from entering the vehicle’s engine. This increases fuel consumption and significantly reduces engine operating time, especially in areas with poor quality or dirty fuel, such as B. for assignments abroad. Jankel and FuelActive will bring this new technology to defense and security fleets worldwide.

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Jacob Jankel, Technology Lead at Jankel Group said: “British innovation and the use of advanced technology has been at the heart of our business since it was founded by my grandfather Robert Jankel in 1955. It’s great to be entering into these new partnerships with Atmos-clear and FuelActive as a continuation of this British legacy.” He added: “In addition to our continuous innovation in our own product and service lines, Jankel is also committed to building successful collaborations and partnerships to integrate the best available technologies into our products, while leveraging our relationships and export channels to create new ones opportunities to develop.”


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