Juliana Landino LLC Master Trainer Services Specialized in Cardiac Rehab & Special Groups with Obesity, Pregnancy, Diabetes & Mental Disorders

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2022 / Being healthy can often be confused with exercising and dieting when it actually means something completely different. It means taking care of your mental and physical health. And that ranges from the food we eat, to the types of exercise we make, the information we consume, our habits and actions, etc.

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Juliana Landino LLC Masters Education Program changes people’s lives and helps them become healthier people. The program is led by Juliana Landino, a professional trainer, and specializes in physical exercises in cardiac rehabilitation and in special groups. These groups are obese, pregnant, elderly and people with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress and others.

After 14 years of experience with different clients in terms of age, goals, injuries and conditions, the program is customized to the needs of each one of them. This is incredibly important, not just for the exercise, but more importantly, to keep everyone motivated while doing it.

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When Juliana moved to South Florida, the company primarily targeted people suffering from depression, stress and obesity, which was at its peak during the COVID-19 pandemic. Juliana Landino LLC’s scheme later adapted to online platforms and was able to retain clients and attract new ones who needed relief from the overwhelming quarantine and COVID situation.

In Juliana’s words: “A coach has to be able to go beyond the gym; it has to become part of several projects in people’s lives. It’s not just about losing weight or increasing muscle mass. It’s about how this will completely change the person’s life, it’s about getting my clients to reduce their use of medication, be healthy during pregnancy, not be in pain with everyday tasks; it’s about them having a conscience about their own choices. It’s also about impacting the lives of everyone around them!”

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One of the most important aspects of getting exercise and becoming a healthier person is the lack of accurate information that people have. People tend to follow every character they come across without really knowing the science behind it or if what they’re doing is beneficial to them as well. Knowing how to read a food’s label will help you choose the best ones. Likewise, knowing which exercises may be dangerous for your condition (mentally or physically) will help you create a strong-jointed body to prevent injury and disease. That is why customers in the Juliana Landino GmbH training program always receive all kinds of tips and information about health and fitness. You’ll learn what they’re doing, about diets, foods, and more.

How you treat your body reflects how you take care of yourself. And Juliana Landino LLC’s training program is here to help. Juliana is a sports educator by profession, specializing in cardiac rehabilitation and special groups, and is constantly educating herself to offer her customers the best service. She not only knows about physical exercise, but also about psychology and mindset transformation.

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Aside from being a personal trainer aimed at specific groups of people, the mindset transformation is what really sets this program apart. The most difficult clients are the ones who resist change, which is why being motivated and motivated to keep going is a top priority for them alongside results.

Juliana Landino LLC is currently expanding the work and information to more people and increasing their online engagement. Become part of her change and lead an informed, healthier life with her. What are you waiting for?


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