Libya: Health Sector Bulletin (August 2022) – Libya


Type of emergency: Complex emergency Reporting period: 08/01/2022 to 08/31/2022


• Due to armed clashes in Tripoli with 191 injured, including 32 deaths. The MOH reported attacks on 5 health facilities in Tripoli and the damage to two ambulances due to the escalation of violence. No fatalities or serious injuries were recorded and the damage was only material (minor damage to infrastructure). The clashes that erupted in Tripoli on August 26-27 resulted in attacks on 5 facilities and 2 ambulances. Attacks on healthcare were reported and situation reports circulated. A crisis management team was also set up. An ad hoc meeting was also held by OCHA to activate Tripoli’s Intersectoral Contingency Plan.

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• Regrettably, 70 burns and 16 deaths were reported in response to the tragic fire incident at Bent Bayya on August 1st. Health partners in Libya promptly supported national health partners by deploying 6 emergency medical teams to support hospital medical teams dealing with the influx of cases and provided medical supplies to hospitals receiving cases in Benghazi, Sebha and Tripoli in August released in 2022. 4W Health Sector, August 2022 | Humanitarian Assistance • Health sector operational response report was based on 4Ws data for July 2022. Thirteen health partners contacted 4Ws in July, including AAH, HI, IMC, IOM, IRC, MSF, IMC, PUI, UNHCR and WHO . Microsoft Power BI • Releases three weekly and one monthly epidemiological bulletin COVID-19 EPI Weekly Libya August 21, 2022 | HumanitarianResponse • Release of bi-weekly health sector operational update Bi-weekly operational update 1-15. August 2022 | Humanitarian Aid • OCHA Libya l Humanitarian Bulletin (April – June 2022) [EN/AR] – Libya | ReliefWeb • Access Update: Libya: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (January – June 2022) – Libya | ReliefWeb • Libya – Migrant Report 42 (May – June 2022) | DTM (

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• Libya – IDP and Returnee Report 41 (February – April 2022) | DTM (

• Migrant Report Key Findings Round 42 (May – June 2022) | DTM (

• Libya – Weekly Update on COVID-19 Immunization of Migrants and Host Communities – Phase 3 (28 August – 3 September 2022) | DTM (

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• Libya – Prison Profile Generator (August 2022) | DTM (

• Libya – COVID-19 and vaccination in Libya: A follow-up assessment of migrant knowledge, attitudes and practices (August 2022) | DTM (

• Meeting with PHCI regarding the TORs and working modalities of the PHC Working Group and the integration of the Nutrition Agenda into the PHC Health Sector WG.

• Prepared a flash update on the attacks on health services in Tripoli on August 27, 2022 • Continued to work with HIM/HQ to develop a dashboard to monitor humanitarian interventions in Libya

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