Life Time Foundation Commits to ‘Get Kids Moving’ with more than $600,000 in Grants to Nineteen Youth Organizations Across the Nation

From youth football in Marylandfor golf programming at charter schools im South Bronxto indigenous yoga in ArizonaLife Time Foundation is a strong advocate for youth movements

CHANNASSE, Minn., September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Life Time Foundation, the 501(c)(3) charitable arm of Life Time (NYSE: LTH), announces nineteen grant recipients from its endowment Get kids moving Initiative, a new program launched in November 2021 to encourage physical activity and healthy exercise among the country’s youth. The program complements the Life Time Foundation’s established and announced work to improve youth nutrition by partnering with more than 35 school districts working to serve the most nutritious and delicious food to their students, which has since grown to 3,634 school sites and 1.7 Millions of students impacted in 2011.

“We are determined and ready to address the growing challenge that physical inactivity poses to America’s youth head-on, and to bring about change for children with overly sedentary lifestyles,” he said Marnie Wells, executive director of the Life Time Foundation. “The dynamic group of deserving organizations receiving these grants will ensure that more than 27,000 children across the country – of different ages and from many walks of life – are positively impacted and inspired to move.”

upon notification move children!Life Time Foundation received grant applications from more than 60 school districts, school sites and community organizations. The selected beneficiaries are:

America SUCCESSES New York – NYC, $15,000
America SCORES New York uses football, literary arts and community engagement to inspire young people to be their best at school, on the field and in their communities, free of charge. 10-15 hours per week the children participate in training sessions aimed at promoting the fitness of the whole child (physical, social-emotional and mental). The funds will support the Health through Football programme.

American Senior High School – Miami, $15,000
The American Patriots Runners Team offers students with special needs and diverse backgrounds equal opportunities to pursue an interest in fitness. Funds will be used for new treadmills, uniforms, sneakers and equipment to motivate students to exercise, eat healthily, boost self-esteem and social skills.

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Austin Independent School District Austin, Texas., $100,000
Funds will be used to integrate new technology — specifically, heart rate monitor kits — into Lifetime’s freshman Fitness and Wellness physical education courses at 12 Austin high schools to encourage healthy habits and empower students to take initiative for their physical and mental well-being seize.

Chicago Public schools – Chicago, $68,979.50
In partnership with Children First Fund: the Chicago Public Schools Foundation, funds will be provided CPS moves!a comprehensive approach to physical activity in schools by providing opportunities and support for physical activity at different times during the school day to develop students’ knowledge, skills and confidence to be physically active throughout their lives.

City Parks Foundation – NYC, $20,500
The funds support the implementation of summer programs for children and families in city parks in underserved areas in the five boroughs of NYC and allows for the return of the Family Adventure Race, a popular parent-child relay race.

Edward E. Sadlowski Elementary School – Chicago, $7,000
Funds will be used to improve the school’s volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer programs. By purchasing volleyball standards, storage racks, volleyball carts, flag football equipment and really big basketballs, 100 5th graders were able toth – 8thth have the opportunity to improve their skills.

Family Life Academy Charter Schools – NYC, $15,000
Funds are provided South Bronx-based Family Life Academy Charter School’s new First Tee Golf and DreamYard after-school dance program that addresses the issue of equity by exposing students to athletic and physical activities that are inaccessible due to prohibitive costs and lack of programming.

Funston Elementary School – Chicago, $14,605
405 students in preschool through 8 will benefit from new physical education equipment that will support their overall physical, mental and social well-being, which has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

Girls on the Run Minnesota – Minneapolis, $15,000
Girls on the Run uses caring and trained volunteer coaches and a vetted, quality 8-10 week curriculum to create a world where every girl knows her limitless potential through running. Those who complete the program experience a measurable increase in care, competence, trust, connection and contribution. The funds will expand the outreach of the program and provide scholarships, shoes and running hijabs.

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Lake County school district Leadville, Colorado., $150,000
The funds will be used entirely for a new gymnasium at Lake County High School in New York Leadville, Coloradowhere the infamous Leadville Race Series, owned and produced by Life Time, takes place.

The Loppet Foundation – Minneapolis, $15,000
The Loppet Foundation creates a shared passion for year-round outdoor adventures in the Minneapolis Area focused on underserved youth and families through a variety of programs and management of one of the largest urban parks in the country. The funds will support the Junior Loppet Middle School program in North MinneapolisEmpowers underrepresented youth through year-round outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, mountain biking and trail running.

Maryland State Youth Soccer Association – Baltimore, $15,000
The Maryland State Youth Soccer Association Let’s play! Program is an after-school initiative that offers a character-building, community-supported physical activity program that helps teach social and emotional skills while fighting obesity and related diseases. Funds are added Let’s play! Program in two other schools benefiting 160 children.

McClintock High SchoolTempe, Ariz., $15,000
Funds will go to the new Charger Recreation Center, which is designed to break down barriers for the underserved population that exist at traditional gyms. Facilities include a weight room, yoga and nutrition seminars for all students, regardless of their financial background or ability level.

Minneapolis Public schools – Minneapolis, $59,184
Funding will enable universal bicycle education, breaking down barriers and promoting equal opportunity in MPS Safe Routes to School programs. Funds will be used to purchase two fleets of bikes, train 20 employees in bike safety and support the Let’s Roll MPS group bike ride. Fifteen schools will have access to physical activity grants, prioritizing historically underserved communities and impacting 6,000 students.

Medgar Evers fine and School of Performing Arts – Chicago, $15,000
The grant will help remove barriers to equitable access to school-based physical activity opportunities and develop targeted strategies to promote health and well-being for underserved students. Items include basketball boards and rims, and volleyball equipment.

Native strength revolution – Phoenix, Minneapolis and San Bernardino County, California, $15,000
Equipping a new generation of Indigenous healers through leadership and mindfulness training and yoga certification, Native Strength Revolution works with communities to uncover a new possibility of well-being for youth through Indigenous yoga, nutrition and medical education. Funds will grow in in-school and after-school programs for yoga classes and wellness classes for K-12 students.

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Netball America Inc. – Atlanta, $15,000
Netball America creates an exciting atmosphere of participation and supports individual progress, team unity, youth health and education while uniting communities for positive change. Netball America Be an inspiration The program takes youth on an engaging journey designed to stimulate critical thinking, engage in games without the pressure of losing weight, and foster confidence and non-violence. Funds are expanded Be an inspiration program on Atlanta, GA.

Rancho Elementary School – Novato, California, $13,070
The funds will go toward the new 600 Seconds to Glory program, in which each grade level participates in a 10-minute, energetic yet fun game or activity each day before lunch. Challenges include camaraderie, sportsmanship and goal setting, building incremental endurance through fun and competitive play.

Saint Paul Public schools – Saint Paul, Min., $20,000
Funds will be used to purchase cardio drum machines to expand the physical education curriculum to reach more students by introducing new forms of physical fitness beyond team and individual sports.

funding for Get kids moving comes from Life Time, Inc. and athletes who live their own passion for movement through the Life Time Foundation Team, a group of 184 individual cyclists, runners and triathletes who compete in six of Life Time’s most iconic sporting events and are committed to: collect donations from time to time $1,500 and $3,000 in exchange for free entry and bypassing event lotteries. The six events for 2022 are:

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The Life Time Foundation, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization affiliated with Life Time, works nationwide to improve youth health. The foundation works with K-12 public schools, helping them serve minimally processed foods at school, and funding community organizations that ensure all children can participate in safe, fun, and enriching physical activities. 100% of every dollar donated to the Life Time Foundation directly supports their mission as all administrative expenses are met by Life Time, Inc. For more information, visit

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