Lookout Circular Issued Against Real Estate Firm Director 

Bhubaneswar: Against the Director of M/s Odyssa Homes & Commercials Pvt. Ltd for its alleged involvement in house fraud.

The action was taken by the Immigration Service at the request of the Economic Crimes Wing (EOW) of the State Police.

The notice was issued against the director, Manoj Kumar Panda, in EOW PS Case No.14 dt.08.23.2022 u/s 406/420/467/468/471/120-B IPC rw Sec. 6 of the OPID Law, 2011.

The above case was registered on the basis of the written allegation by Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, an employee of TCS, of fraud against him and many other investors amounting to Rs.20 Crores by the Directors of M/s Odyssa Homes & Commercials Pvt. ltd under the pretense of providing them dispute-free housing in their “Ganapati Homes” housing project in Sampur Mouza, Bhubaneswar, near Kalinga Studio in front of SOS Village.

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During the investigation it was found that the directors of M/s Odyssa Home & Commercials Pvt. ltd collected around Rs.20 Cr in the period 2013-2016. of 42 investors to provide them with apartments in their project “Ganapati Homes” with a promise to deliver the complete apartments by 2018 and the necessary agreements and letters of intent have also been signed. So far, however, none of the investors has been allocated an apartment. Rather, the managing directors of the company knowingly delayed the process of handing over the property in order to defraud the investors and in the meantime have also sold seven apartments to other customers.

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In addition, it has been revealed that the company and its directors have also defrauded so many other investors in their various projects and willfully carried out several transactions with the apartments with criminal intent, for which they have already received significant sums of money.

It was also noted that criminal cases were registered with various police departments and complaints were filed with the relevant courts against the directors of M/s Odyssa Homes & Commercials Pvt. ltd The current defendant, Manoj Kumar Panda, managed all affairs of the company and has deceived so many investors in their various projects in the name of handing over apartments/land.

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The defendant Manoj Kumar Panda is one of the three directors of M/s Odyssa Homes & Commercials Pvt. ltd Shri Arabindo Santra, the company’s MD, has already been arrested and transferred in the case and is still in custody.

The other two directors Manoj Kumar Panda and Saroj Panda are on the run to avoid arrest by the police.

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