Marco Rubio, Val Demings campaigns squeeze each other on Mexican produce

US Sen. Marco Rubios Campaign questions the commitment of his challenger, the US Representative. Val Demings, to Florida’s Agricultural Industry. But the Orlando Democrat says Republican plans will harm Florida’s competitiveness.

The Rubio campaign highlights two Rubio-driven efforts that have garnered bipartisan support. A letter prompts Drug smuggling investigation by Mexican fruit imports, and another from two weeks ago calls for one Investigating an increase in Mexican fruit imports this can make Florida’s agricultural industry less competitive.

Some Florida Democrats like US representatives. Al Lawson and Debbie Wasserman Schultz signed the first letter written in July. Meanwhile, all of the Florida delegation signed the following letter, with the exception of Demings, the US Democratic representative. Louis Frankel and Stephanie Murphyand Republican US Rep. Matt Gaetz.

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Specifically, Lawson and the Republican US Representative. Neal Dunn signed both letters, and Lawson even helped lead the last letter. The pair are competing for Florida’s 2nd congressional district after being realigned to the same North Florida seat.

The United States remains Mexico’s most important market for citrus exports.

When it comes to farming, the Rubio campaign says Demings is missing in action.

“How can the Florida farming community trust Demings to represent their interests in the Senate when they clearly have not done so in the House?” Rubio campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Gregory wrote in a statement to Florida Politics. “All Do-Nothing Demings does is rename post offices and follow (House of Representatives) Nancy Pelosis Lead 100% of the time.”

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The first letter presented to the US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, asks the Department of Agriculture for an update on whether importing produce enables drug smuggling. That second letter asks the US Trade Representative Catherine Tai to “investigate Mexico’s plan to oust Florida’s seasonal and perishable agribusiness from the US market”.

While Demings did not sign the letters, her Florida Politics office said fighting Mexico’s market manipulation is an “undisputed bipartisan issue on which all Florida officials agree.”

Demings’ office cited their votes for the 2019 and 2021 Farm Workforce Modernization Acts and for a 2018 measure that would have funded farm and feed programs through fiscal 2023. The office also highlighted the Demings’ father and the time he spent picking oranges to support their family.

“Marco Rubio is a desperate man running a desperate campaign, and he’s going to lie about Chief Deming’s record to distract from the fact that he’s bad for Florida,” Demings’ campaign spokesman said Devon Cruz said Florida politics. “Chief Demings is proud to support Florida farm workers in the House of Representatives, while Marco Rubio has worked to cut funding for farmers since his first term in the Senate.”

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Demings will face Rubio in November to deny the incumbent Republican a third term. According to polls, Rubio a couple of points before Deming’s and Thirty-five gives Rubio an 86% chance of winning.

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