MCTC celebrates 10 years of supporting vessels and their crews improve seafarers’ health with nutritious meals

Leading provider of maritime catering management MCTC celebrates its first decade of improving catering standards on board ships by focusing on healthy and nutritious meals.

MCTC celebrated its milestone year with a special anniversary party and events throughout the year.

The company was founded in 2012 with the aim of improving galley catering standards, providing healthy and nutritious meals and improving the overall health of crew members, as well as reducing diet-related illnesses among crew members caused by the consumption of fatty and high-calorie foods.

MCTC began offering training in catering and health and nutrition, with the flagship program being the catering skills development programme. This offered the full training programme, as well as access to an experienced team of consultants, regular ship surveys, trade tests and weekly hands-on assessments.

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Over the years the company has evolved to offer full catering management services alongside its training packages, catering to the full spectrum of a ship’s needs, from budget planning to recipe creation and ordering supplies. MCTC now aims to have 1,000 ships in its service soon.

MCTC CEO, Christian Ioannou, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating our tenth anniversary and have enjoyed celebrating this year with numerous events. The business has evolved significantly over the past decade and we are very proud to have transitioned from training to a full range of catering management services along with our training programmes.

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“MCTC started with the goal and vision to improve standards in the galley and in recent years, particularly in the wake of the Covid pandemic, there has certainly been a major shift in the mindset of ship managers and owners when it comes to health and nutrition. The new generation of seafarers is investing heavily in their physical and mental health and it is important that we as an industry ensure we meet these new needs.”

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In addition to its training and catering management packages, MCTC has a team of experts available 24/7 for advice and assistance. All kitchen staff under her direction have access to a fully interactive digital platform where they can get nutritional advice and recipe ideas, communicate with the team or access one of their training modules.

It also focuses on keeping fit and encouraging a positive attitude to ensure seafarers take care of both their physical and mental health.

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