Medical training track to have prolonged, impactful presence on Garden Isle

Kauai Medical Training First Cohort
The first cohort of students in Kauai The medical training track begins studies in March.

With the help of a $10 million grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) University in Hawaii on Manoa John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) is about to plant roots on Garden Island. One year ago, CZI helped launch a new track for training medical students at Kauaienabling JABSOM to expand education and health care and to have a longer and more influential presence there. The first group of students will begin their studies Kauai in March.

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There are two halves to a medical student’s journey. The first two years are dedicated to classroom learning, while on-site clinical training makes up the second half.

“Historically, JABSOM he always had students in the center Oahu, and they do almost all of their training here. There are some opportunities in the first year Hawaii Island, Kauai or Lanai,” said Travis Hongdirector of rural training in JABSOM. “In the third or fourth year, students can go.” KauaiMaui or Hawaii Iceland. That was the extent of the student experiences on the Neighbor Islands.”

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Planting roots

Each year, six students will study and stay Kauai for the next five years. The first cohort includes Jaime Emoto, Erin Evangelista, Dylan Lawton, Kirra Borrello, Ivana Ion and Brent Fujimoto.

“The Oahu the medical school curriculum will be translated to Kauai. The lectures will be held virtually, but we’ll have a doctor on site doing the same problem-based learning tutorials and teaching activities with the students, so it’s really the same experience on OahuHong said.

When students enter their clinical years, they will continue to treat patients Kauai.

“Third-year students will spend at least six months.” Kauairotating through primary care, which includes pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, OBGIN, surgery and psychiatry,” he said. “This is what every JABSOM student works. This group will do just that Kauai.”

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Elective courses and various specialties are reserved for fourth-year medical students. JABSOM‘s Kauai Medical Training Track students will work two elective months and two mandatory months of emergency medicine and geriatrics on Kauaʻi.

Commitment after staying at Kauai

The CZI grant provides medical training track students with a full four-year scholarship for JABSOMbut it comes with a promise that secures Kauai residents will also take advantage of the grant.

Ultimately, our goal is for these students to return Kauai and practice and start doing a small part in managing the island’s doctor shortage.
— Travis Hong

“Dedication to work,” Hong said. “When they finish their residency, they have to come back.” Kauai at least four years to work as independent doctors. There is no mandatory specialty they have to go into. We encourage primary care because it is the greatest need for underserved areas.”

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While primary care physicians are needed across the state, students can take a different route. There is a shortage of specialist doctors on the neighboring islands, and it is common for doctors to be there Oahu go monthly to neighboring islands to treat patients.

“If you look at it broadly, every island is dealing with the same issues, but this program allows us to bring students into hospitals and clinics to see patients and shadow doctors early,” Hong said.

The Kauai Medical training was financed for five years, which ensured that there would be 30 jobs at Kauai until the end of the grant.

“Ultimately, our goal is to get these students back.” Kauai and practice and start doing a small part in managing the shortage of doctors on the island,” Hong said.

Read more about JABSOM website.


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