Mid Michigan College offers short-term training programs to fast-track your career

Those looking for an expedited way to start a new career path could potentially be able to do so in just a few months with a little help from Middle Michigan College‘s short-term training and professional development opportunities.

While these training courses are not necessarily new to college, they have a new relevance in modern times where key sectors of the workforce are understaffed. And since the turnaround time for completion is fairly short, these programs deliver a steady stream of available applicants to the area.

“I’m thankful for the people at Mid who have made me successful. From allowing me to use a proctor for testing to staying overnight so I could take my tests after work, they were always willing to do anything. And I’m proud of myself for completing the program while working full-time.”

– Chris Millard, a new student at Mid Electrical Apprenticeship

Autumn Matthews, Administrative Specialist for Workforce & Economic Development at Mid Michigan College, says, “We are always exploring new course offerings and training locations. The short-term training courses are designed as an opportunity to complete specialist vocational training in a short time, usually two months or less, and to find a career start.”

In fact, according to a recent college press release, “Many of the careers associated with mid’s short-term training are ranked among the fastest-growing occupations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including welders, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and phlebotomists,” says Kristine Stevens, Director of Business & Industry Training at Mid.

Short-term training programs currently offered include:

  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B
  • Community Health Worker
  • dental assistant
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • bloodletting
  • Surveying, reading plans and bridge maintenance

In addition to these offerings, welding, drone piloting and electrical engineering are other specialist training programs that are offered on a regular basis. The electrical apprenticeship training and exam can be taken entirely online, allowing for easy access for those who have a busy work or family schedule to attend to.

While the programs Mid Michigan College now offers aren’t new, many are particularly relevant as many industries are plagued by labor shortages.While each offer ranges from $200 to $5,000, enrollers can quickly turn around and apply for jobs rather than waiting a few years to graduate and then seek employment. In addition, there are opportunities for significant student aid through MiWorks! or MI Rehabilitation Services for those who qualify.

In addition to the short-term training, Mid offers offers Professional development also possibilities. Matthews says, “The professional development courses are offered to those interested in improving the skills required for their current employment, such as: E.g. Excel training, mental health first aid, QuickBooks or supervisory skills.”

Matthews reports that enrollment in the various programs has remained constant over the years and that those who complete the programs have a high job search success rate.

“Last year we trained 285 people in short-term training courses and 229 people in further education courses. 92% of short-term graduates reported being successful in finding employment in their field of study,” says Matthews.

Short-term training programs offered at Mid Michigan College include health assistants, dental assistants, registered nurses, and phlebotomists.Hattie Hull, 19, and Audrey Kelley, 19, are two recent examples of those who have found employment through training at Mid. Both completed the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) certification course by mid-2021 and have used this certification to quickly gain healthcare positions.

Kelley initially pursued her CNA to see if she really had an interest in working in the medical field, and currently works as a Patient Care Technician at MyMichigan Health in Midland while she pursues her BSN degree.

“In this case, words can hardly describe the impression I made during my CNA training. To start with I had a great teacher and classmates who made the learning environment perfect for the training… The camaraderie that developed in the class was also amazing and I really felt perfectly prepared when it came time to take the test and to complete the clinical test for my CNA certification. I would strongly encourage anyone I meet to attend Mid Michigan Community College for their CNA program,” says Kelley.

Hull also found the CNA training incredibly useful, especially since she was hired at the Isabella County Medical Care Facility, where she did some of her clinical training as part of the program.

Hull believes that the instructors in these courses make a significant difference in student success and subsequent recruitment.

“I loved the CNA training with Terry Welch. She has so much experience and I have learned so much from her. She even agreed to be listed as one of my references, which helped me get my job as a CNA. She would do anything for her students,” says Hull.

After registration, there are usually no additional costs for those enrolled. Some programs, such as B. CNA, require passing the state licensing exam or encourage passing a national exam, such as. B. Phlebotomy. However, these tests generally cost less than $200.

Locations for each training session vary, but include Harrison and Mt Pleasant campuses, Big Rapids, Freeland, and even online options. Several training courses will start with new sessions in late September and early October.

Chris Millard, a new Mid Electrical Apprenticeship student, recommends the short-term training options for anyone who needs to adapt their education around work.

Millard says: “I am grateful for the people at Mid who have made me successful. From allowing me to use a proctor for testing to staying overnight so I could take my tests after work, they were always willing to do anything. And I’m proud of myself for sticking through the program while working full-time… I always tell people to remember that the time you’re spending studying is when you’re spending it on other people Pursue things, end up with a reward that pays off.”

For more information on upcoming training opportunities or to register, visit www.midmich.edu or contact the Technical Education Center at [email protected] or (989) 386-6614.

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