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Sue Alger


Kappa Members of Delta Kappa Gamma Intl. met at Kenton’s Love INC (In the Name of Christ) on September 17 at 10am. Eleven members were introduced to Love INC Director Sue Alger by Norma Frederick. Alger was the principal for 6 years after retiring from Hardin Co. Hospice.

Love INC’s purpose is to act as a clearinghouse for the delivery of various types of assistance to those who are underprivileged in Hardin County. Love INC joins efforts with churches, organizations, pantries, service agencies and individuals to find effective help for individuals and families to lead sustainable lives. Love INC receives 70-80 calls per month but calls have been over 100 per month at times. Those in need can call 419-674-4651.

Alger feels the ministry simply couldn’t exist without the help of volunteers like Debbie Hamilton, Connie Steele and former volunteer JoAnn Erwin. JoAnn’s Closet, a collection of shoes and clothing items available at Love INC, is named after this former volunteer. Love INC rents the space from New Hope Fellowship Church on its east side. It’s a short-term homeless shelter for a few people. It can also offer a selection of furniture and household appliances.

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A variety of services is possible. Payment or part payment of utilities or rent may be made if other sources are unavailable. An emergency food box can be provided until a pantry is opened. A $10-$20 perishable grocery voucher may be offered. Fuel cards for job interviews or doctor’s appointments are only available with a valid driver’s license and insurance. Personal hygiene, household cleaning supplies, some linens, towels, washcloths, etc. are available or can also be arranged with the help of Helping Hands, the Hardin Co. Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul or county pantries.

The big stumbling block for those in need is themselves. People are either unwilling to fill out the paperwork or cannot understand what it takes to fill out the forms. Volunteers are available to help with the forms. Love INC is only open part-time, which is primarily Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for now.

Alger would like to form classes as she has found clients who need the knowledge for normal household chores. Cooking classes and nutritional knowledge would help customers get fresh, healthy food and not prepackaged processed foods that are microwaved. Laundry courses would be helpful as customers tend to wear clothes until they are too dirty and therefore only consider throwing them away.

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Love INC could use more volunteers, as well as various personal hygiene items, among other things. A tour of the building followed. Kappa members thanked Alger and went to Ralphie’s for lunch.

After lunch, Co-Presidents Virginia Shellhouse and Kathy Lundy began the meeting with fun facts. They also thanked the hosting committee of Norma Frederick, Sandy Berry, Jean Kearns and Shirley Spitler. Sec. Teresa Harris had submitted her report digitally. Sandy Berry read a thank you note from the Alpha Delta State Education Foundation. Virginia Shellhouse presented Elaine Hoover’s Treasurer’s Report, which was submitted for consideration. She expects a budget to be ready for the October meeting. Examination of the Treasurer’s books was completed this summer and Hoover’s books were found to be excellent.

On other committees, Ann Frisch has sent the Kappa Kapers to our Kappa members and state officials. It was discussed whether an idea was needed to win 1st and 2nd VP. It has been submitted. It was explained that the names of the contestants were placed in the glass and a name would be drawn in the future to give this winner free membership. Charlotte Leeth provided a new email and cell phone number. Sandy Berry commented to only use the mobile number to contact her from now on. There was brief discussion about when Kappa Chapter for Open Door and Love INC. as well as taking care of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Donations were raised for the Africa Project and the Brag/no-Pin bags. Donna Myers reported that the number of DKG members in Ohio had declined.

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Shellhouse distributed the new information pages for the program book. She announced a change of hostesses for the months of December and May. Kathy Lundy received the door award.

As we have nothing else to do, the next meeting will be on October 8th at 10am at Pick Wick Place in Bucyrus. Lunch takes place in the café before the meeting. The committee consists of Patti Palmer, Linda Osborn, Lorrene Roberts and Janine McMillan. The meeting was adjourned.

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