Nurse-Family Partnership of Sangamon County helps first-time mothers

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Sometimes the statistics prove too disturbing to ignore, and the maternal morbidity is heartbreaking. In Illinois, an average of 75 women die each year during pregnancy or in the year after. Four out of five of these deaths are preventable, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s “2021 Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Report.”

In response, a community-wide effort to reduce maternal morbidity through the Sangamon County Nurse-Family Partnership has positively impacted the lives of first-time mothers and their babies. The program is currently funded by area groups, including the Lincoln Country Community Foundation, the Sangamon County Health Department, private donors through the SIU School of Medicine Foundation, and a grant through the National Nurse-Family Partnership.

Lindsey Slid, RN, BSN, works through the SIU School of Medicine’s Office of Community Care as the Sangamon County Nurse-Family Partnership Program Coordinator. The program uses specially trained nurses to build relationships and schedule regular visits with young first-time mothers-to-be during pregnancy until the child’s second birthday.

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