NY Fit Fest moves off the sand, adds new fitness classes

Imagine a tasting menu that shows movement, not food; that’s a good idea of ​​what to expect at NY Fit Fest. The annual event for fitness and wellness enthusiasts returns to Long Beach on September 25, this time in a new location.

As in the past, the all-day schedule offers a true A to Z of classes – from lab to Zumba – plus lectures, workshops and top-notch instructors intent on getting you going.

This year’s festival will take place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on the roof of the Allegria Hotel by the sea. This is a change from years past when the beach served as a busy outdoor gym. Why the switch?

“It’s about creating a more intimate and VIP experience,” says Colette Lee Morales, a certified trainer who co-founded the festival with public relations officer Ingrid Dodd. “And the setting is beautiful.”

This includes a splashy rooftop pool that will definitely come in handy for some classes making their NY Fit Fest debut. Practice sessions and wellness lectures are shortened to 20 minutes to allow attendees to explore a range of options.

Do you want to burn calories? Fire up your mind? Both? Choose accordingly. As venue is limited, organizers recommend pre-registration.

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“Part of what’s great is that there are so many options,” says Christina Russo, 57, operations manager at LifeTime Fitness in Syosset, who does CrossFit to stay in shape.

“I always have fun,” says Russo, who is a frequent Fester, “it’s fun to try new things.”

Mandi Budah, 38, a social worker from Massapequa who runs, rides and dances, shares this view. She’s considering getting her feet wet with a yoga class held in the pool. “I’d like to try,” she says. “I like to dance and think I have good balance.”

New challenges and pushing yourself, that’s what this day is all about. “It brings a whole different feel to training,” says Budah. “The camaraderie is insane.”

Budah has attended and volunteered for the festival since the festival began in 2017. She looks forward to classes with returning stars and favorites. Among them: Bootcamp with retired US Marine Tony Hernandez, who invites you to “say goodbye to your comfort zone,” and Zumba with Brian Thompson and Coco Xie (“These are playlists and the energy is amazing,” she says). And there’s a TikTok dance tutorial starring Buddy Casimano, known for touring with Debbie Gibson.

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Here’s a handful of the new activities on deck – in addition to Pilates, a booty blast targeting an area that speaks for itself, HIIT training, barre training and CPR/AED first aid training. Visit nyfitfest.com for a full list.


Everyone in the pool: Swap a mat for a paddleboard for this yoga session. You’ll start in a seated position and gradually work your way up to a standing position while challenging your core, balance and agility in a perfect storm. “You have to stay present,” says Salty Soul Yoga owner Deanna Arecco, 40, who lives in Hicksville and will be teaching the class all day.


The popular fitness brand is debuting at the festival with a high-intensity interval workout that uses bodyweight and mini-bands to build muscle and boost metabolism. “The energy of a group fitness class is amazing,” said Luke Skolkin, a Barry’s Roslyn trainer who led the session. “We bring the experience of what Barry’s is about to the festival.

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UK-based fitness coach Josh Tweed is known for putting fashion designers and footballers through their paces, and now he’s doing it for Long Islanders. This session focuses on toning your upper and lower body and your core.


The festival prides itself on being suitable for everyone aged 16 and over of all fitness levels. This workshop promises a talk on “the things nobody talks about” in relation to menopause and aging. Other presentation topics include what it means to live a plant-based lifestyle and pelvic floor fitness and health. A panel discussion addresses the balance between motherhood and mental health.


Music and mindful movement are the focus of this end-of-day session, which closes the celebration on a “spiritually connected note,” says Morales.


WHEN | WHERE Fitness and Wellness Rooftop Day Ticket 9am to 3pm, September 25; Allegria Hotel, 80 W Broadway, Long Beach.

COSTS Day passes start at $125 at nyfitfest.com. Prices for after party and accommodation in the Allegria Hotel also on the festival site.

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