NYU emergency room accused of providing special treatment to Schumer, VIPs: report

New York University’s emergency department has been accused of giving special treatment to various VIPs, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.N.I.), according to a New York Times report.

The Times reported Friday that a designated room at New York’s Langone Medical Center, Room 20, has been set aside for life-threatening patients and those who are VIPs.

Schumer’s wife had a fever and experienced shortness of breath in the spring earlier this year, and the two went to the NIU emergency room.

Sicker patients received care in the hallway, but Schumer and his wife were taken to room 20 where they were quickly tested for COVID-19, which came back negative, according to The Times.

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The Times reported that Kenneth Langone, a major donor to the NIU hospital system and the center’s namesake, had stomach pains in September 2021. Medical professionals told the Times that Room 20 was left empty for him and that he was quickly brought into the room and treated for a bacterial infection. upon arrival.

NIU Langone denied to the Times that VIPs receive priority treatment, but 33 staff members told the publication that they saw those types of patients receive that treatment in Room 20, which is one of the largest private spaces in the emergency department.

The Times spoke with 45 medical professionals and reviewed internal hospital records and other confidential documents to report that NIU’s emergency department has for years prioritized donors, trustees, politicians, celebrities and friends and family.

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Medical charts on computers sometimes record whether a patient has donated to the hospital or how he is connected to the executive, “frustrated” doctors shared with The Times via screenshots.

Doctors told The Times they felt pressured to put VIPs first and were seen jumping ahead of sicker patients to get CT scans and MRIs.

Lisa Greiner, a spokeswoman for the medical center, told The Times that Langone was treated in room 20 and that it was “absolutely appropriate” based on the symptoms he was experiencing. She said no patient was ever treated in an isolation room “at the expense of any other patient’s care.”

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Greiner said the room serves multiple purposes, including privacy.

Langone told The Times that he never asked for special treatment at the hospital, and the hospital never offered it.

Angelo Roefaro, a spokesman for Schumer, told the Times that the protocol for his security detail “is for the senator to remain, whenever possible, in a secure location.”

The Times reported that 11 doctors said they had left the emergency department in part because of their objections to giving priority to VIPs.


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