Plastic surgeon Ronald Bergman’s license suspended; lawsuit dropped

A former employee suing a prominent Des Moines plastic surgeon dismissed the lawsuit before trial, but an emergency order from the Iowa Board of Medicine means more legal trouble for Dr. Ronald Bergman.

Peggy West’s firing comes as a state board prepares to hold a hearing on Bergman’s fitness to continue practicing medicine. The board’s concern stems from concerns that Bergman, who is 74, may have neurological damage that renders him unfit to practice medicine. The board suspended Bergman’s medical license on Dec. 16, and it remains suspended, according to online records.

West worked for three months in 2019 for Dr. Ronald Bergman as the administrator of Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, a practice located in a landmark mansion on Grand Avenue. She alleged that Bergman, now 74, created a workplace rife with sexual harassment for her and other female employees.


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