Q&A: Tyler Fussell, principal of The Fussell Group Insurance Advisors

In 2012, career insurance agent Tyler Fussell left Humana to open an agency with partners—a Medicare-focused agency with independent agents. In 2021, Fussell purchased the agency and renamed it Fussell Group Insurance Advisors (FGIA). The Covington-based center serves as a bridge between carriers, independent insurance representatives and Medicare beneficiaries by helping seniors make the right choices about their Medicare health plan.

FGIA has won multiple awards and is ranked the top seller in Louisiana for all Medicare Advantage plans. Fussell, the principal, is an expert in the field and has been called on regularly to consult with insurance carriers in Louisiana about planning for annual benefit changes.

How do adults cut through the noise and avoid scams? What are the new buzz/scams this year?

Medicare recipients should always use a local, licensed, Medicare insurance agent when choosing their Medicare health plan. A local agent knows the differences between different health plans, as well as doctor and hospital networks. A compliant, ethical agent will not call your phone without your permission, and will not randomly call and ask for a Medicare number. Additionally, a compliant and ethical agent will never charge you a fee to help you enroll in a plan or make plan changes. Medicare recipients also should not give their Medicare and bank account information over the phone to someone they do not know. Medicare does not call and ask for your Medicare number.

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How can an agent help seniors make the best health care decisions?

When a senior is “aging on Medicare” for the first time, our agent will review Medicare A, B, C and D with the senior to help them understand what each part of Medicare covers. The term “aging into Medicare” means that a client is now eligible for Medicare Parts A&B whether they age, retire from a company with group benefits, or have been disabled for 24 months or more. A Fussell Group agent will explain the difference between the two Medicare plans available to seniors—the Medicare Supplement or the Medicare Advantage plan. From here, seniors can decide which program will best suit their needs. The agent compares the programs available in his area to help the client in his final decision and avoid any confusion the client may have, remaining confident in the decision he makes. If the client is already on a Medicare plan, a Fussell Group agent will sit down with the client and review their physician and hospital networks, and begin comparing the plan with their medications. The agent will then review the program options, discuss the benefits of the program, and how it will affect seniors in the coming year.

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What training do agents need each year?

Agents in the Medicare space are required to complete annual Medicare certification training, and each specific carrier is required to comply with product training.

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How have services expanded and what are the most popular offerings over the past few years?

We have expanded our coverage to ACA/under 65 health insurance. Beginning in 2023, we will host monthly Medicare 101 consumer seminars. These conferences will be held in all different places in the province. We will discuss the A, B, C and D of Medicare and what the recipient’s options are once they become eligible for Medicare.


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