Red Robin Plant

Red Robin Plant. Photinia red robin is a classic hedge plant and can be used for a hedge from about 1m up to 2.5m. Christmas berry height & spread:

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If you want a hedge less than 1m, then it is recommended to use a different plant variety. This is sometimes caught by late spring frosts, and some shelter is advisable. Fruit is a red pome that persists throughout winter to spring.

Photinia x fraseri ‘red robin’ common name:

The photinia generates small white flowers during the spring, which turn into red fruits that last through the winter. Ideally, you want about a half barrel size to keep it happy for more than a couple of years. It is ideal for hedging and screening due to its fast and compact growth habit.

Christmas berry height & spread: The veggie burger can be ordered as, the veggie burger (order with no cheese or aoli) or the vegan burger (a lettuce wrapped version of the veggie burger. Perfect hedging plant with a dense growth habit.

60cm apart where to plant:

Plant in the background border or as an informal hedge. Full sun/ partial shade in well drained moist soil flowering period: They produce red coloured oval leaves which turn into the dark green after a few weeks.

I'd suggest potting it into a larger container next year.

For a hedge 2m or thereabouts plant at 80cm. 4m x 1m planting spacing: Once established, this shrub will tolerate most soil types and.

Vibrant red new growth throughout the year.

'red robin' is a slightly more compact cultivar that was bred in new zealand. Hybrid name recognizes the fraser nursery in birmingham, alabama where the hybrid originated. Check out our favorite ways to customize an order.

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